You know how the whole show started with Sutton seeking out her birth mother? I think, if her mother wasn’t such a tragic fashion fail, Sutton might not have had to seek out a better role model.

Exhibit A: in the police station

That jacket doesn’t even fit her properly. I know you had to rush down to bail your daughter out or whatever, but Laurel took the time to pull together a proper outfit.


Exhibit B:

Yeah, anybody’s a better fashion role model than this lady.


Take, for instance, Possibly Evil Rebecca. This is how she looks the morning after:

Yeah, that’s right. Her dressing gown is more stylish than Sutton’s adoptive mother’s ENTIRE WARDROBE. Also? I love her evil/crazy ways. Alec thinks he’s playing her, but he’s totally getting himself played.


Speaking of Alec, he couldn’t be bothered to a) wear black or b) tighten his tie for his daughter’s BFF’s BF’s funeral?

Seriously, it takes three seconds to tighten your tie. Get it together, criminal mastermind.


Thayer, however, put together a kind of fun look this week. While I’m generally anti-vest, I can’t hate on this layered look:

Somehow, he’s escaping Mr Schue Vest Fug, and I think it’s because of the careful styling. The plaid shirt is untucked, the vest is loose-fitting, and the overall look is preppy-casual, rather than nerdy-teacher.


Meanwhile, his sister Mads had some cool rocker style happening this week. Her hair also gained about 50 pounds of volume (making me concerned for her wee little lollipop body – how can it hold up all that hair, gorgeous as it is??)

Like, that is a lot of hair. Gorgeous, and about 10 times as much as she had last week. Is she taking horse vitamins? Or does gorgeous, shiny hair just happen like magic to anybody appearing on an ABC Family show? And if so, how can I get a role?


Mads looks equally cute with her hair pulled back in this kinda normal teen look. I mean, yeah, the shirt has hook-and-eye closures that makes it look like a backwards corset, but she’s wearing jeans and a killer leather jacket. Is this the same girl who used to wear cocktail dresses to class?

It’s also adorbs how she and her BF match in their black jackets. That’s a good sign… right? What am I saying, on this show, all of the boyfriends wind up having some sort of Terrible Secret. It’s only a matter of time before we find out what Not-Rob-Pattinson’s been hiding (ooh! Is he out to get werewolf Ethan and the rest of his werewolf pack?)

Yeah, Not-Edward-Cullen’s got his eye on you, Not-Taylor-Lautner.


Emma wasn’t having a very great time this week, what with having to impersonate Sutton without being able to find out what Sutton had been up to. For instance, did Sutton put this duct tape on these shoes? Or did they look that way when she took them out of the Magic Closet?

Or did the heel snap off and she had to quickly fix it last week and I forgot?

I really liked her purple vintage-y lace dress she wore to school the next day (yet another example of how the dress code at their school seems to be Daytime Glamour)

Here’s a better look at the bodice:


This was the week of nice outerwear, from Sutton’s corduroy jacket to Laurel’s ruffled dreamcoat to this gorgeous wool peacoat:

I like the added zipper detail. That makes it look more modern and edgy – more like something you could pull out of Sutton’s Magic Closet.


We didn’t get a very long look at her “supportive sister” outfit for Laurel’s gig, but from what we got to see, it was sunny and pretty and included her usual blazer:


But then!! Mads had enough of Emma/Sutton’s weird behaviour and BFF-broke-up with her. Emma went after her to try and explain, and Mads was like:

“Seriously, what can you possibly say to me that would make me not hate you?”

And Emma was like:

And Mads was like,


Seriously, we have to wait another week to find out what’s going to happen next? I mean, Mads will probably assume it’s another one of Sutton’s lying games, but it will change everything if Emma’s able to convince her she’s telling the truth. Can’t wait!