This week, we flashback to the first time Emily and Daniel actually met, back when he was an alcoholic playboy and she was the glasses-wearing creepy girl in the corner. Meanwhile, Jack finds the tape Emily left behind and, assuming it’s really Amanda’s, he goes on a quest to figure out why she left town. This culminates in him crashing Emily and Daniel’s engagement dinner – where he causes Conrad to reveal that Charlotte is David Clarke’s daughter. BUT THEN! Emily comes home to find somebody’s broken into her secret floor hidey-hole, stolen the Infinity Box, and left behind a creepy RSVP written in RED SHARPIE. Who wrote it? DID THEY ALSO TAKE THE SHARPIE?? Gah! This show!

Emily’s Target
She’s still targeting the Graysons, and is poised to reveal Charlotte’s true paternity – but then she pulls back. (Just like Revenge [!!!] Sensei said a few weeks ago, she’s letting her emotions get in the way of her plans.) 

Gala of the Week
Emily and Daniel’s engagement dinner takes a now-typical turn for the worse. Has a dinner at that table ever not ended with dramatic revelations and lots of evil side-eyes? 

Best Dressed 
Emily’s dress at the engagement dinner party was unusual and totally gorgeous. She’s got the perfect complexion to pull off nude tones.

Most Soapy Moment
THE EVIL RSVP NOTE! (Did she forget to invite “A”?) 

Over-The-Shoulder Hugs: ?
I have to tell you, I was so caught up in the dramz that I forgot to keep track of the evil hugs! Let me know in the comments if I missed any. 


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