It’s Ricky Martin night! Except thankfully, not through his music. So instead it’s Latin Music Night, hosted by  David Martinez, former tooth model and night school Spanish teacher. And one of Mr. Schue’s many Latin friends. Or his only one. While Schue, Sue Sylvester (who is somewhat inappropriately looking for sperm from students), and Roz Washington (bronze medallist) are gunning for the coveted tenure position, Emma adorably doles out advice via pamphlets to Mercedes and Sam, and also tells them to spend the week not talking. Although that didn’t seem to fix their relationship problem, which is namely the large dude Mercedes calls her boyfriend.

Song of the Night: I’m not sure how they were able to afford the light show, but Santana and Ricky Martin on La Isla Bonita was pretty solid.

Melodramatic Rachel Solo of the Week:  There wasn’t one! But if you wanted an awkward solo, Mr. Schue’s Mariachi Elvis number hit all the right notes.

Santana’s Snark: “While I love that we’re getting all Lima Sound Machine in here, why now?’

How Sue Sees It: “I’ve known ever since I’ve tinker tailored soldier spied my way into Figgins’ cabinet.”

Outfit of the Week:  Emma Pillsbury in polka dots is a dream! The polka dot skirt was cute, but the polka dot dress was downright delightful

Worst Outfit of the Week:  Bolo ties! So. Many. Bolo. Ties. And just so wrong.

Tracksuit count:  5 


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