This week Jess and Julia navigate the friendship that has been forced upon them. Julia thinks Jess’s super fun zest for life attitude, her colourful outfits and her soft spot for animals are a crock and Jess thinks Julia sucks because she doesn’t like desert. ( Seriously. Turning down a red velvet cupcake? Puh-lease.)


The theme of this episode is 3/4 length sleeves. Or, as my Dad would say, dresses that were 25% off because 25% of the sleeve is missing.

We open with Jess in a fitted bright red dress with 3/4-ish sleeves and a pleated skirt. It couldn’t be more flattering – the colour and her hair are a match made in heaven. Or the wardrobe department. But look, this little number has been seen before. Take off the black tights and you’ve got the dress from the opening credits! 


Jess continues to carry the 3/4 length theme in this striped number. I love everything about this dress. The green/cream/green combo is fantastic and the varying sized horizontal stripes are working in her favour. This dress isn’t for everyone but I go bonkers over brightly coloured dresses!


When Jess and Julia find themselves in traffic court, the red dress from the beginning of the show makes a reprise. This time it’s in green! Do you think it changes colors, much like the stoplight Jess disregarded while aiding an injured bird? Or maybe she just listens to the fashion gurus who always say to buy multiple colors of your favorite piece? In either case, it’s working for her and snaps for the sassy teal cardigan.

Check out Julia’s tank top under her blazer because you’re about to see it again…

…when the group reunites in the bathroom, where we discover that Julia is the least organized lawyer of all time. The same tank top and dress pants from court the day before? I object! Pack a bag, woman! The golden rule of having sleepovers with boys on the regular is to never get busted wearing the same thing the next day. That’s how we avoid the Walk of Shame.

Regardless of Julia’s uncouth ways, Jess is back in another solid print dress with 3/4-ish length sleeves. I’m starting to wonder if maybe her wrists get really sweaty or something?