The rest of the New Directions only seemed to pop in here and there for bits of Michael week. Or at least stayed just long enough for a solo or duet.  Otherwise, their appearances were as unremarkable as their outfits.  Case in point:

Boring Irish fellow.


Sad looking Puck:


On the other hand, everyone is A++ for the big group MJ number.  Brittany’s costume looks so amazing on her, Finn in anything glittery is definitely noteworthy, Rory’s rocking the military look as well as Santana, and Mike’s Thriller get-up is spot on. 


Not so spot on?  Tucking your shirt and cardigan into your pants.


I suppose, though, it could be overlooked given that he’s about to don some spikes and nail a duet with Mike.  Such a fun change from the usual Artie! 


That’s also about as interesting as it gets for Mike; though, I do love that he took a cue from Blaine and pulled on a pair of colored trousers.  The track jacket pairs excellently with the red.  And I was beyond thrilled to see Tina in this navy and green dress. 


But not as thrilled as when I realized she had ditched the hideous Pilgrim collar for the cowl neck. 

I am also super-loving her foray into the land of preppy.  The suspenders are a great, and often overlooked, accessory. 


Be still my heart. 

Now, this is not the best dress ever, but it is far and away a world of improvement.  We can ditch the orange, but the button detailing along the front is a nice little touch.   And while Mike is about to yawn at his outfit, Quinn is super chic in her bright yellow jacket and gray and white skirt.  I’m not wild about this full skirt situation over here, but the jacket makes up for it. 


She must be taking lessons in great jackets from Rachel, because she stole Blaine’s blanket and fashioned herself a great red and black blazer. 

And can we talk about her hair? That impulse decision to chop off her locks at the end of Season 2 was a good one.


White and navy always look great together.  So do dresses and blazers.  Put them all together and add some lace detailing?  Lovely.  Classic, chic, sophisticated and mature without looking dated.  


The clear winner of the night was her floor-length black sequined gown.  Obviously, this picture doesn’t do it justice, but while everyone — yes, myself included — was oohing, ahhing, and salivating over this long sparkly number, I was also over the moon with her hair and make-up.  To.  Die.  For. 


This outfit, with the bow detailing at the collar, is pretty nice and it somehow works with the plaid, but let’s face it, nothing can really follow that black dress.


Not to be outdone in the sparkle department, Mercedes ups the ante with metallic lettering, bright colors, animal prints…


…and sequins, of course.


At least it matches the sparkling personality that caught Sam’s attention in the first place.   In other circumstances—like, say, if we were somewhere in southern California—I’d be onboard with this light wash jean jacket.  I appreciate his effort to move away from the plaid, but I’m going to go ahead and say he should get rid of it. Just a little bit.  


And despite his few and far between appearances, Mr. Schue managed to make the most of it with four outfit changes.  Only one vest this week, my vest-defiant friends. 


He switches it up from the blazer and the boring shirt with a forest green cardigan trimmed with light blue which is a great piece.  But matched with a red tie and a swill-colored dress shirt and I’m singing a different tune.

And speaking of different tunes, while the New Directions definitely hit it out of the park with their renditions of Michael’s songs (and I know it was awesome because I woke up the next morning with “Gotta Be Startin’ Somethin’” in my head) I can’t wait to see how they do when Ricky Martin takes their tunes south of the border.  I’m sure it’ll be nothing short of caliente!