This week on  16 Candles  Can’t Hardly Wait, Jane By Design, the fate of Donovan Decker lies in Jane’s hands – or, to be precise, in the Look Book that’s in Jane’s hands. Gray needs Jane to fly the Look Book to her in Paris, and office gossip make Jane think that Gray’s career is on the line. Unfortch, Jane is still, you know, a high schooler and stuff, so she has to go to school first. But then! Just when it’s almost time to go to Paree, she loses the Look Book! Zut alors! Of course, the Look Book turns up in the nick of time, and it turns out Gray’s job was never in jeopardy to begin with. At least Jane got to visit Paris!


So Jane’s running all over the place in her now-trademark really high heels and crizzazz outfits to the point that I don’t think she actually walked anywhere. She’s all pinwheel arms and little high-heels-running steps as she gets more and more panicked. This emotional journey comes through in her outfits this week as well.

She begins the episode in this not-entirely-flattering giant man’s Hawaiian-print shirt and tribal belt combo:

You remember that old SNL skit where the Gap salesgirls were like, “Just put a belt on and cinch it!” “Yeah, cinch it!”

They did not mean this belt, Jane.

This looks like the sort of thing Marni would wear on True Blood when she’s summoning the spirits of crazy old witch spirits – not the sort of thing a highly-strung high schooler/fashion assistant should be wearing.


Jane knows something off in this outfit, but unfortch thinks it’s the shirt (OK, the shirt was also wrong). She keeps the belt, and changes into this skirt and cute top:

I also like the cropped leather jacket. In general, I’m not a fan of cropped jackets (as anybody who’s read my PLL recaps might have noticed) but it works with the proportions of this look.


Still, the belt is a mistake. Jane ignores Lulu’s criticism of her belt, but she listens up when Carter echoes these concerns. And he knows his shizz: check out how much cuter her outfit is sans belt:

Right? I mean, the pattern on the skirt is kinda fug, but if you knew what she was about to change into, you’d get why this is her best outfit of the episode.


She also wears a series of interesting and gigantic rings that were really hard to get good pictures of. (Note to ABC Family – we like to watch the outfits on this show, so more lingering shots of clothes and accessories would be superhelpful. xoxo YKYLF)

You can at least get a sense of the scale of the ring here – roughly the same size as… an extra-large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? At least?


If you were wondering which responsibility Jane takes more seriously – high school student or fashion assistant – we find out this week in her Phys Ed class. She accepts an F in dodgeball in order to keep her arms firmly wrapped around the priceless Look Book.

Flashdance-style off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, visible bra strap, rolled-up grey sweats… well, we can’t all be fashion plates when in Phys Ed class.


But even this is like an Oscars dress compared to the outfit Jane spends the entire rest of the episode wearing. Let’s go in pieces, shall we?

1) old lady dangly pearl earrings

2) baggy ruffled sheer striped blouse

3) Tutu short enough to make me worry all episode we were going to have some sort of EMBARRASSING SITUATION OCCUR (*note: she has quite amazing luck all episode, even though she spends some time crawling on her hands and knees, the skirt never rises above upper thighs. She’s got some Serena van der Woodsen-level skill maneuvering around in a micromini)

But COME ON! Yes, she got her job at Donovan Decker in a black tutu, but that doesn’t mean that tutus are like, the uniform for people who work there.

4) OK, the red bag looks cute with the black and white outfit. And I like the ankle boots – it’s kind of stunning she was able to last 24 hours (including an overnight plane trip and running around the cobblestone streets of Paris) in those boots, while I wasn’t able to last a 7-hour work shift in 2″ heels. And that’s why I’m not starring in a show on ABC Family.


Remember how last week, Lauren figured that Billy’s hair is so awesome, he must come out of the shower with his hair like that? Well, this week we learn that he at least wakes up with hair that perfectly dissheveled:

… and he also, apparently, sleeps with at least two necklaces on. Whatever, I can’t hate. He’s currently the cutest boy on TV, as far as I can tell.


How Jane can keep from throwing herself at him every day at school is beyond me. I mean, any boy who greeted me first thing in the morning like this?

… would be my boyfriend like 0.5 seconds later.


Seriously! Look how cute!

The necklaces, the jewellery, the worn-in henley, the CUTE SMILEY FACE? They didn’t make boys like this when I was in high school, let alone ones who will do anything (seriously, anything) to help you out. And see his ring there? It’s a two-finger ring, very cool (though I don’t know how well you can write with two of your fingers bound together like that).


Now, last week Lauren studied Billy and Lulu’s body language in the style of People magazine’s body language experts. Let’s see what they have to say about his body language this week, hmm?

First, Billy with Lulu:

Ouch. Yeah, she’s moving in for the kiss and he gives her the total brush-off.


Billy and Jane?

His head’s turned towards her, her head is turned towards him, they’re smiling and happy… you guys, MAKE OUT ALREADY!


Ahem. Anyway, so, Lulu’s outfit was a lot more “normal teen” and a lot less “junior leader of the Bridge club” than in previous weeks:

I mean, these jeans and top are totally fine outfits, but in a show surrounded by major league fashionistas? Lulu is kind of a small fry.


Did someone say fashionistas? Bonjour, Carter!

I love this picture. This is where he’s like, “Girl, that belt is not doing you any favours.” Love his scarf, love the scarf with the grey blazer, love everything about this look.


Later on, he and Billy meet up to compare notes about Jane. Why are the two cutest guys on TV at the back and call of this whirligig? I mean, instead of at my beck and call? 

Loving Carter’s sunglasses-at-night look here. Also loving his suspenders and unconventional use of a denim shirt. Seriously, can he be my BFF like, today?


Meanwhile, Vesty McVesterson continues with his tragic vest addiction.

We should not mock Jeremy and his vests and Backstreet Boys Hair. He needs out support, not our pity.


And, saving the best for last, we have India and her amazing earrings:

Those earrings are BEYOND gorgeous. Where can I buy a pair?


Her outfit this week seems tame enough from the front (I mean, tame enough for a leather camisole):

But check out the back detail:

Wish I worked somewhere this kind of bondage-inspired back detail was not only permitted, but encouraged.


Oh, and BTW- Billy’s brother’s girlfriend? “Xandra-with-an-X”? This is how you do sexy AND classy. Not this:

X marks the spot indeed.