In an effort to tie many mini-plots together, New Directions decide on a Michael Jackson repeat for Regionals. Blaine spills the beans to Smarmy Warbler Sebastian, who is now stealing ideas and throwing shrapnel-laced slushies, thus putting Blaine in hospital for eye surgery (or giving him time to go be awesome on Broadway – whatevs). The kids start to get college letters: Kurt’s a finalist for NYADA, Quinn is improbably getting early acceptance to Yale, and Rachel hasn’t seen anything in her mailbox…but it’s really just late arriving. Speaking of Rachel, while she was leaning towards the practical “high schoolers probably shouldn’t get hitched” route, all it took was one duet to change her mind and now they’re getting married.

  %image_alt%Song of the Night: “Never Can Say Goodbye” – I’m not an MJ fan, but I do love the Jackson 5 and Quinn killed it on that one. And wore the hell out of that sparkly evening gown.

Melodramatic Rachel Solo Duet of the Week: It’s not Glee if Rachel doesn’t make her Dramatic Solo Face TM and she brought it for “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” with Finn.

Santana’s Snark: “Well, you’re in luck because Auntie Snakes just arrived on the Bitch Town Express.”

Outfit of the Week: How to decide between Quinn and Blaine? Those two brought the prep and they brought it hard. Blaine with the mustard pants and suede Oxfords and Quinn pairing a navy blazer with a white eyelet dress.

Worst Outfit of the Week:  Kurt took down at least three animals to create an all leather outfit with a fur hat.

Tracksuit count:  0. It was a Sue-free week. But Finn did wear a bedazzled football jersey, so that must count for something.  

Tune in on Friday to see what Kristina has to say about the rest of the outfits.