After 45 minutes of waiting, those last 15 really paid off. Louis turned into a stone-cold sociopath, Blair bailed on her honeymoon with Dan, and it turns out that Gossip Girl is actually…Harold!

Party du Jour
I don’t know, a wedding or something.

Best Quote
“You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.”

Best Outfit
How can you not love Cyrus and Harold’s matching tuxes? Blair’s two dads are the best. We also loved her dewy bridal makeup (that she apparently did herself – the People’s Princess, indeed). But the real prize goes to Georgina Sparks for her absurdly massive fascinator and her series of fabulous sabotage outfits.

Worst Outfit
Blair abides by the old maxim that bridesmaids should never outshine the bride. The minions were in peony-inspired dresses and Serena borrowed all of B’s old Bump-Its. Blair’s bridesmaid bootcamp didn’t have anything near this terrifying.



Check back Thursday for the recap from me, Amanda, including the real identity of Gossip Girl!

“Can you believe it? She’s marrying me!”