This week on Summer Catch Never Been Kissed Jane By Design, little ole Jane saved the day for Donvan Decker, even though her heart was breaking after finding out about Billy and Lulu. Honestly, everyone thinks that Jane has it so bad in high school, but personally I don’t think she does. She has a super cute and awesome best friend in Billy, she gets to have personal batting practices with the hottest and most popular jock in the school, and she has a killer job with an awesome fashion company and gets to go out to super stuffy French restaurants where they give out finger bowls in between courses! What is there to complain about? Fine, maybe Nick didn’t turn out to be as wonderful as Jane thought when she caught him out on a date, and her best friend is dating her arch enemy, but she gets to play dress up whenever she wants and she even ran into Nanette Lepore! I’d say Jane made out pretty well this week.


I swear, Jane can wear absolutely anything and pull it off spectacularly. She does pretty in pink, boarding school prepster, even punk rock princess. I don’t know if I necessarily love this outfit, but I do love her white and black tank a lot. And look how cute her and Billy are together – there’s no denying that these two are meant to be. Even their strides are in perfectly in step.

I’m also crushing on Billy’s purple suspenders. They really are quite awesome. I would date him based on those alone. And can we please talk about his hair? How in the world does he get it to be so perfect. All. Of. The. Time. Seriously, he probably even comes out of the shower with it looking that good.


And then there’s Billy and Lulu. If the relationship gurus at People Magazine were analyzing their body language, I just know they’d determine these two are not a match made in heaven. Look at how Billy’s resisting Lulu’s embrace while making a funny face. But most importantly, their outfits aren’t nearly as harmonious as Billy and Jane’s are. Even if I do really like Lulu’s black double-breasted blazer and her over-sized beige purse, non of that matters because she’s standing in the way of Billy and Jane’s true love (which sooner or later, they will discover).


See? Billy isn’t even hugging Lulu back. This relationship is so over in five minutes. I think it’s because Lulu dresses more like a middle-aged business woman than a high schooler. I really don’t like white with beige, and even though her skirt is light pink, it’s close enough. But color aside, there’s something about the fit of Lulu’s pleated skirt and tight blazer that is rubbing me the wrong way.



Lulu should just stick to Harper. Now there’s a match made in heaven. Mean girl heaven. And this view of Lulu’s outfit makes me like it a lot more. I really love her extra-long, double strand necklace and the dark pink top under the white blazer. With that said, she really needs to change her skirt now because that dark pink top absolutely does not match the light pink skirt Lulu is wearing.

I kept going back and forth on Harper’s outfit. I really like the blue lacy skirt; I like the length, the cut and the color. But I don’t love the red double-breasted jacket shirt. I think that a tighter long-sleeved shirt would have made the outfit look a lot better.


Two things I noticed in the below picture:

1. The awesome bright yellow purse perched on the edge of the girls desk. If I were in that class, I would have totes swiped that bag by now.

2. The dark tan boots on the bored looking girl in the middle. I would also like a pair of those, thanks.


As clueless as Harper may be, one thing she is not clueless on is fashion. This was one of my favorite outfits of the episode. The yellow jeans paired with the tiny blue blazer (they really dig blazers on this show) and collared shirt underneath is such an awesome outfit. Although it did make me confused on which season we are is. This outfit is so off the J-Crew mannequin my chino pants are calling for their leader.


This dress was not what I pictured an uptight, ridiculously powerful, extremely demanding, un-fun lady like Miyoko would wear. I pictured something super bland, yet extremely put together. The design on the front of the dress gives it a much edgier look, and even though you can’t see it here, she is showing an extraordinary amount of leg.

But honestly, who the heck cares about her dress. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BAGS in the back! Ohmygosh I’m in bag heaven. Give me one of each pretty please with a cherry on top!


I was so in love with Jeremy’s dress design, I mean so in love I actually tried to reach in to my television set to grab it off of Jane. The gathered one shoulder with the two fabrics looks awesome on Jane, and I love the fabric choice used for the underneath part of the dress. It is so glamorous and fun it’s such a perfect dress for any occasion, especially for winning over one of the most powerful women in the publishing and fashion industry.

Is Miyoko not beautiful here? This is much more like the dress I pictured her to wear, and she’s so much more relaxed with her hair down. The neckline is so different, it spices up the otherwise plain dress. This outfit just screams most powerful lady in the world. And what a kick-ass body Miyoko has! If I can look that awesome and be that powerful when I’m her age, I’ll take it.


I don’t think I’ll ever get over Jeremy’s bleach blonde hair. Isn’t he too old to have a hair style like that? But I will admit, this Backstreet Boy sure does know how to dress. His bow tie is super cute and he looks spiffy in his grey vest and navy blue sweater vest underneath.

And I’m pretty sure Carter is my favorite character on the show. Ah, what I would give to have him dress me up every day of the week. Even though his outfit is nothing special, his Clark Kent glasses and scarf just make this outfit a thousand times better.


This was my favorite outfit of the week (I’m not counting the dress because that is just in a league of it’s own). Give me polka dots on underwear and I’ll think they’re fab. I love that she put a blazer over the dress instead of a cardigan like Rachel Berry would do. This outfit is so versatile, it works for the office or school or a hot date….


Or for running into Nanette Lepore (because that’s normal)


Holy stiletto Batman! These may be my most favorite-est shoes in the whole wide world! They are so awesomely fabulicious and pretty I could just stare at them all day long and will them to magically appear on my wanting feet.


Ahh the oh so cliché meet-me-at-the-baseball-field-and-I’ll-show-you-how-to-bat moment. Jane’s outfit is cute enough for the encounter. I like the skirt and love the red All-Stars, but I am not a fan of the midriff cut shirt.


It’s so sweet how guys think it’s so cool to wear their varsity jacket while indoors, where it’s warm, even though they have a locker to store it in. Why do they do that?


But I will admit, I wouldn’t mind having batting practice with Nick at least once. Just so, you know, I could feel the rhythm of how to bat properly, from a superstar baseball player. That’s the only reason, I swear. Not because of his bulging muscles or adorable smile. Psh, who even noticed that?


I couldn’t decide if this was a dress or a romper. Either way I like the purple Aztec pattern paired with her cardigan. At first I hated the belt, it kind of reminds me of the belt Brittany wore in an episode of Glee last year (Rumours), which I absolutely detested, but after a while, I liked how the belt stands out from the rest of the outfit. It’s a really good statement piece.


Love, love, LOVE this lady bug ring Jane is wearing. It’s such a fun accessory!


Not as big a fan of her hoop earrings, but I do like the turquoise color stones on them. And I’m giving snaps for the her batwing dress.


While normally not a fan of patterned tights, I’ll concede that these aren’t half bad. The stars look really great with her LBD, although she’s losing me at the shoes. Something about them is screaming “old witch”.


Work it girl, work it! I was really glad she did not pick this dress because it did nothing for her. It is way too big, and the shapeless fit actually makes Jane look fat. And we know she’s not. Oh, and the jeweled action looks more like one of Michael Jackson’s shoulder pads than a Donovan Decker high fashion design.


Ahh, well since India was no where to be seen this week, I guess someone had to give her respect. Sorry Janie dear, this is absolutely not a dress for you. As you are so wonderfully pointing out, no, you do not have any boobs to fill out the top. Next!

Besides a few missteps, I was pretty impressed with all the outfits this week. Can’t wait for next week when Jane gets to go to Pair-ee!