Drunk girls are funny. I am so super thankful that Blair had Beatrice spice up her bachelorette party this week. In addition to watching Blair fist pump with the bridge and tunnel crowd, we got to see her take shots, dance to LMFAO, and go to jail. I’d say that party was one meatball short of a Jersey Shore episode. Meanwhile, Chuck partnered with the horrible Father Cavalia in his quest to follow Blair and break up her wedding. Nate and Serena used deception and Gossip Girl to trick Trip into admitting that he drained the brake fluid in Blair and Chuck’s car (thinking it was Nate’s car… natch).  Speaking of deceit, Serena lied to Dan to make him keep dating her, even though it is bad for his writing career. Is S developing feelings for Dan? I hope not! Dan still obviously loves Blair…. Which is why he ghost wrote Louis’s wedding vows.


Chuck said that “sometimes you have to choose an unsavory partner” to get what you want. If this is what going to the dark side looks like, I’m all for it. Chuck looks incredible in this beautiful purple and rust combination. I adore him in windowpane plaid and these rich colors- obviously Eric Daman does too because this is turning into Chuck’s uniform. If Blair doesn’t take him back, I might just try to scoop him up myself. I wonder how he would feel about relocating to Chicago?


Oh Chuck! A grey wool Chesterfield with a zippy collar… Yes please. We need this kind of sexy sass in the Windy City. Seriously, you can stalk me all day long. Sadly, we don’t have a Laduree here (yet), so you won’t be able to lurk in doorways while snacking on French macarons. Je suis désolée!


The hair and makeup department obviously hates Leighton. Honestly, I can’t take the flat hair or the pallid makeup anymore. Why make her look sickly and then dress her in this adorable blue floral Carolina Herrera organza dress? Craziness.

You know what else is crazy? Serena and Blair’s idea of a bachelorette party! A slumber party at a hotel? Lame. Someone has been watching The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.  


After Blair accidentally confessed her Chuck lust to Father Cavalia, he met with his wily lover Beatrice to plot and scheme. While I have several issues with this priest, my largest problem is his dashing good looks and tan. He either fake bakes or was just off on a tropical holiday. Neither option seems very priestly.

I love a good high pony, and Beatrice doesn’t disappoint. I guess the hair and makeup department has shifted their attentions over to another Princess B.


I love Diane von Furstenberg as much as the next girl, but this turquoise coat is wack. It makes Blair look like a snowbird in town from Boca. At least her teal hat seems fashion forward.

She should take a cue from Beatrice, who is fresh and trend forward in her collarless wool topcoat and chic hairstyle. She looks like just the girl to fix Blair’s snoozer of a bachelorette. Strippers? Check. Cable TV style party games? Check. Frozen margs and tequila shots? Check. Check.


Yay the Minions are back! I am actually glad that Beatrice “forgot” to invite Serena because she would have totally put the cabash on the cheesey and fabulous Panchitos party.

All the girls look absolutely perfect for a night of drunken debauchery. I love all of the flowing hair and makeup looks.


Sadly the bride-to-be still looks like a limp hair disaster. I’m not suggesting a bumpit or anything drastic…but my goodness, couldn’t they have done a little backcombing or some hot rollers? At least they finally gave her a little lipstick!


I adore Drunk Blair! OBSESSED. She is so fun and needs to be in every episode. If she is going to start making cameos, the minions need to get their acts together. You simply cannot leave a wasted girl alone outside of a bar. Bad things happen.

In this particular instance, Drunk Blair accidentally ends up with a blunt in her mouth. I’m a little hazy on this part of the story. Who leaves their drugs alone with a rando while they go off and search for a lighter? Exactly. It was amateur hour over at Panchitos. Drunk Blair then mistakes New York’s finest for the strippers that Beatrice ordered. I guess that B had a serious case of beer goggles. Off to the slammer!


Jail seems like a logical place to have a sister/ sister-in-law bonding moment. I am glad that Beatrice and Blair are developing a close relationship (and even happier that Beatrice stopped with her scheming ways).

The best part about this little tête-à-tête was that we got to see Blair’s fabulous Olivia Teagler sequined coat. This is the perfect coat for a night on the town!


I lied. The best part about the Blair/ Beatrice love fest is totally Beatrice’s earrings. These cobalt stunners look amazing on her and bring out the blue eyeliner that she is wearing. Great accessorizing. C’est magnifique!


If I were Leighton, I would start renegotiating my contract. Blair literally looks horrible. I know that it is the morning after her evening of boozing, but this is bordering on mean. She doesn’t even look hungover… she just looks horrifying.

If they were going for realism, they should have given her some splotchy eye makeup, knots in her hair, and a nightstand filled with drunk girl food like tacos or grilled cheese. Not that I am speaking from experience.


Princess Beatrice is back with her high pony and collarless coat. The tailored dress and her maroon pumps are both a win. Too bad that Father Cavalia is having her shipped off to East Africa for missionary work. I’m not sure this look will work on the African tundra.


Chuck says that he learned about relationships from Blair and that you should never give up on someone that you love. Because of his deep rooted affection, he decided to make a deal with the devil (well actually a priest).

Chuck’s villan look is totally working for me. It isn’t as jazzy as the beautiful suit that he had on earlier but it is still a great classic look. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!