Things have returned to normal in Arroyo, which means Sutton’s a heinous bitch to everyone and Emma is suddenly homeless, not enrolled in any school and most importantly, short one magical closet. And while she’s willing to camp out in that closet, Sutton’s looking for ways to get her twin out of town. The only thing stopping that plan is Ethan and his romantic – but stupid – plans to drop school, work, everything to run away with Emma. Justin is trying (too little too late) to convince Laurel he loves her and he’s not a creep. Mads is giving the Brit with bad hair a chance, and trouble’s a brewing with the Mercer parents as Ma Mercer learns her husband isn’t so trustworthy after all. Both Alec and Rebecca are playing a flirty game of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. And Annie Hobbs has been found – but she’s totally not the bio-mom. She just happened to steal Emma from the hospital and – Ruh-roh – Rebecca knows who she is. The plot is seriously thickening.


Now that’s Sutton’s back, things might get a bit confusing for those of us playing along at home. In case you’re confused, Sutton is the one with the head wound and Emma the one with the shoddy wardrobe. But Sutton’s main concern right now enjoying her things and being bitchy to everyone in her wake.

Sure, the sudden change in behaviour could be blamed on a concussion, but the bathrobe? Really? It worked for sweet and lovely Emma, but not queen of mean Sutton. A girl like that doesn’t strike me as the type to wear pink ruffles as lounge wear.


She also doesn’t strike me as the type to wear a flowy white dress and call it Audrey Hepburnish.

Oh, that’s right! That’s because it’s pretty much the anti-Sutton dress. Ted should cut his losses on the $300 dress (he’s worred about a $300 dress? Has he seen the inside of his kid’s closet?!?) and tell Sutton to go get a new one. Sure she’ll make it work, but how did any of you think your daughter chose that?

No Ted, this is the choice of a girl like this:

Anyone else miss when this was a hot dude coming through the window to visit? I know it’s only been a week or so, but still. I’m pretty sure Sutton’s not impressed to see her twin climbin through the window. Or suggesting she camp out in the closet.


Yeah, if I kept my flip flops neatly lined on a shelf, I wouldn’t be keen on sharing or allowing squatters either.


And poor Emma, she kind of looks like the squatter she is these days.

Life’s hard y’all when even your twin won’t help you out. At least she’s ditched the embroidered denim. Or maybe Sutton burned that while she was in LA.


With twin off to who the hell cares what, Sutton decides it’s high time to have fun with that magical closet again. She’s probably super sick of wearing jeans and velour tracksuits.


That’s probably why she decided to skin a muppet with her bright denim skirt.

Fur is so last season. But thanks to the recent Muppet Movie? Muppet hide is all the rage.


At least Mads looked fantastic. Can we get another look at that dress?

The purse does little for me, but I’ll give her a pass on it because I like the dress so much. (Not surprising. I’m a serious sucker for a stripe. My resolution is to cut back on stripes, but I can still admire adorbs stripey dress on fictional people).


For the club luncheon, Sutton misread the invite and thought fancy brown bag lunch meant she should wear a shiny sack-like dress.

No shape and the colour is all wrong. Maybe she needed to be reintegrated a little more slowly into having her closet back. She’s just grabbing the first shiny thing she sees.


Now that she’s back in school, and probably quickly tanking all of Emma’s efforts to get her good marks (she is so the Jessica of this twin set), here’s a pop quiz: you need to deliver hand-me-downs to your twin sister in a cabin in the mountains. Do you wear a) something casual, b) something practical, or c) a tank top and a tweed skirt that make you one tweed jacket short of a lunch with the bridge club.

She must be missing Char and channeling those feelings into ladies who lunch clothes. Then again, does she even know Char isn’t around? She just got her life back and she doesn’t seem to give a flying fig that her BFF is gone.


Okay, question two on the pop quiz. When choosing hand-me-downs for your down on her luck twin, do you bring her, a) jeans and sweaters, b) party clothes, c) something sexy, yet almost appropriate for a business lunch?


If you guessed c, you are totally right.

Good work, eveyone. That’s Sutton’s idea of what to wear when hiding out in a remote cabin. Remind me never to get stuck with her on a deserted island.


Despite not liking the dress that Emma picked out, she did indeed decide to make it work.


While innocent white is very un-Sutton, I can’t say I don’t like it. She’s making it happen with the up-do and the bejewelled headbad. She is not, however, making it work with the princess bandaid on the forehead.

Seriously Sutton? This is the best you can do? You didn’t demand Dr. Dad buy you some fancy and expensive perfectly matching your skin tone bandaid? Because that’s what I expect from you.