Blair’s been rejected by both Yale and Chuck, and so, dives into a big pool of Carter Baizen, mid-day scotch, and shoplifting. Serena is concerned, as there needs to be at least one in their fabulous twosome with some form of self-control. She and Chuck chase off Baizen with a few hints of Santorini, and hie off to rescue their friend, only to see Blair begging embarassed Sarah Lawrence deans for college admission. The trio then descends on the Van der Bilt compound so Blair can further set her pristine reputation on fire.  Nate forgives the Grandfather for previous trespasses, after he sends him a particlarly natty looking blazer complete with family crest.  Meanwhile, Lily insists that she and Rufus share their “lists.”  Even Serena thinks it’s a bad idea, but Lily pushes on.  Apparently Van der Woodsen genes come with a profusion of blond hair and a serious lack of common sense.

Bex, Lily’s art dealer, is a beautiful woman.  So beautiful that even she has been on a date or two.

Even one with Rufus Humphrey.

Hey, I never said she had standards.

After all, she’s been digging into Vanessa’s costume jewelry stash–never a good thing.  However, I do like the red silk blouse on her, and her sleek side-swipe bangs are flattering.

On the other hand, Lily looks lovely (albeit a bit paranoid) in her sequinned eggshell tank.  The earrings especially are gorgeous and add just the right bit of UES Trophy Wife sparkle to her ensemble.

It’s genuinely hard to believe that this ethereal top was worn underneath a coat fashioned from repurposed burlap sacks, complete with clashing gray scarf.

If her outerwear is to be believed, Lily rushed over so quickly to Rufus’ gallery that she didn’t even have time to pick out an appropriately matching ensemble.  It really must be love.

Who knows why.  It certainly isn’t Rufus’ style.

When you can’t tell if he’s wearing this henley inside-out or not. . . that’s a problem.

A little improved is this rock star denim shirt.

It’s got some nice detailing and you have to realize that it’s legitimately retro because Rufus has probably owned it since the early ’90s.