There’s a summer storm this week, and it rocks the Hamptons like a hurricane. This week Emily made sure Conrad found out that he’s not Charlotte’s daddy, which blows up any chance Victoria has of getting a good divorce settlement. Daniel proposed to Emily in the most romantic manner ever, making the whole internet swoon. After an attack on Jack, Fake!Amanda packs up her curling iron and cutoffs and flees town. Emily feels guilty enough that she nearly pulls the plug on her plans… until Victoria outdoes herself by claiming she was raped by David Clarke. The revenge? She is BACK ON. 

Emily’s Target
Queen V, as always. Although this week’s collateral damage includes Charlotte, Jack and Fake!Amanda.

Gala of the Week
No time for galas! Too busy falsifying DNA reports.

Best Dressed 
Emily’s golden dress during Daniel’s rain-soaked proposal wins, hands down.

Most Soapy Moment
Charlotte winds up at Emily’s house for the first time ever, just long enough to say, “You don’t know how much I’ve always wanted a sister.” The subtext explodes.

Over-The-Shoulder Hugs: 2 
1) Emily’s guilt-ridden over-the-shoulder hug of her teary half-sister. 2) Emily’s death glare at Victoria as she hugs Daniel at the episode’s end.


The fashion snark for this week’s epic episode of amazingness will be presented by me, Ann, this Saturday!