And the Red Sharpie of Doom makes its return! After last week’s scary-crazy-Tyler-gun situation, Emily is back to X-ing people out of her life. Daniel and Victoria are thick as thieves these days with a super-secret plan to take over Grayson Global (is that the company’s name? If not, it should be), and, Nolan and Emily are reunited as partners in crime to take down Mason Treadwell–yet another person that Victoria has made her puppet. But the takedown is not even the best part of the episode: Emily learns she’s not an only child. ::drumroll please:: Charlotte is Emily’s HALF-SISTER! Boom. Like we didn’t see that coming…


Is Emily’s bedroom not the most calming, quintessential, on-the-beach bedroom you’ve ever seen?! I am just obsessed with it. If I ever become so lucky as to summer in the Hamptons, I’m replicating this bedroom. Thanks, Revenge Set Designer. 


How does Emily pull off that effortlessly cool look every, single, day? She’s like super-duper wealthy and has the world’s 7th (or 6th) richest man in the world as her best friend and yet she still dresses like a normal person. Golf claps for keeping it real. It’s hard to tell from this screenshot but her top has tiny rhinestones (or other reflective hardware) that gives it the right amount of interest. 


What can one put in a purse in that shape and size? Pretty much anything would create an odd protrusion…

However, the dress itself is classy and thankfully is not one of those ridiculous bandage dress that Victoria says she no longer wants to wear. It’s like she reads YKYLF.


This is obviously not interesting but she pulls off that I’m-gonna-ruin-your-life look so well that I feel compelled to capture it for posterity.


Once again such a normal outfit and a (semi)normal activity. This almost makes me like Emily and Daniel more than I like Emily and Jack together. I said almost


Jack clearly raids Gossip Girl’s wardrobe department and he clearly is in love with Emily. Poor guy he just can’t catch a break. 


Speaking of Gossip Girl, I can’t help but think of Declan as Eric van der Woodsen. And this chest hair popping out of his t-shirt is just so NOT Eric. What would Lily say?


Ann pegged Charlotte as having Best Outfit this week and I’m in no position to disagree! This dress is adorbs. Perfect neckline. Awesome floral print. 

 You know, the costumer designer could have went in the complete other direction than dressing Charlotte in sweet sundresses. Rebellious teenager, hates her parents, boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks…she could have been dressing like Amanda. 


Not my favorite, but I will reiterate–she doesn’t dress like Amanda. Also, I love this color. Is it summer yet? 


Isn’t Nolan the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! So scared of the big, bad gun. Do you think he wore yellow in an anticipation of his cowardly lion act?


A range of colors, a range of collars popped, and that expertly coiffed shaggy ‘do…Nolan can do no wrong in my book. Interesting that upon his first meeting with Mason, his collar is actually in its usual position. Is his collar really an indicator of events to come or Nolan’s mental state?

I think that’s a little too deep for me for right now.