Twin swaps, hot guys, shifty-eyed parents and one MAGICAL CLOSET = time for more Lying Games! Nobody’s seen Sutton since she drove her car into a lake, which makes Emma and Ethan kind of relieved but mostly freaked out. Thayer (and the cops) suspect that Ethan had something to do with Real!Sutton’s disappearance, but Emma convinces the two boys to play nice. Meanwhile, Char’s aunt Rebecca blows into town looking totally gorgeous and makes all of the adult men look extra-suspicious. Something went down when they were teens, y’all. Laurel loses the special bracelet Justin gave her, and when Laurel’s Dad finds it he looks even MORE suspicious. Seriously, who is Justin’s secret mother? Is Rebecca somebody’s secret mother? Why didn’t Mads get more to do? And WTF with Char’s hairband?

This episode leaves us where we left off at the mid-season finale: Sutton’s birthday party. Remember our girls?
Teeny-tiny arms, round lollipop face, totally supportive at all times? It’s Mads! In a cute sparkley ballerina dress!



The style of a botoxed 60-year-old heiress in the body of a cute 16-year-old? It’s Char! And her regrettable hairband made out of human hair!


Char, you’re gorgeous and blond but that hairband is like, 5 shades blonder than the rest of your ‘do. Step away from the accessories. (Spoiler: she doesn’t)


Anyway, Emma had a totally action-packed night what with Sutton showing up and then mysteriously vanishing along with the Mercer’s back-up car. But she doesn’t let that get in the way of her style!

The morning after all these shenagins, she emerges with perfect hair and this funky bohemian dress:


Although… for going to school? I guess nobody actually goes to class or does any schoolwork, but… for school?


Emma has clearly figured out the dress code from her BFFs and sister, who also dress for family brunch every day. Seriously, check Char’s “school look:


“Darling, so glad you could drop by! I’ll get the sweet sherry!”

Like, I have seen polyester dresses like this in the sale bin at thrift stores but even those gowns don’t have built-in pink pearl necklaces and bracelets. This is like a bridesmaid dress from the 70s GONE WRONG. Although, to be fair, Char has been living alone with her alcoholic Mom forever and has been without a proper adult style influence.


Enter: Aunt Rebecca!


What does it mean that her outfit is more appropriate from a teenager than anything worn by the “teens” on this show? Does it have to mean anything? I’m busy being relieved that this show finally has a proper female adult fashion plate. I mean, so far, we’ve been dealing with Crazy Char Mom and Bland Ma Mercer:











I know that the writers of teen soaps usually give the adult characters the most boring plotlines (hi, Gossip Girl…ok, except for Lily) but that doesn’t mean they have to have SUPER BORING OUTFITS.

Ladies and gentlemen, Aunt Rebecca!


Leopard print mini! 5″ stiletto platform booties! Killer handbag! Shiny, shiny hair! I bet it’s no coincidence that her name used to be Annie… I mean, she kind of looks like a grown-up Emma/Sutton. They were sort of hinting she’s Char’s real mother, but come on. No way would a woman this fabulous have any genetic involvement in Char’s fashion disasters.


I mean, she spends this scene hiding in the bushes but she still pulls out best outfit of the week:


This retro wrap dress is fabulous, and clings to her like a million bucks. We still don’t know what brought her back to Phoenix, but the way it made Alec and Mr. Mercer freak out? It’s pretty much guaranteed she’s about to liven things up A LOT.