Remember how we found out that Tyler’s off his anti-psychotic meds? Well, this week he totally crashes Daniel’s b-day clambake with a gun, after stabbing Nolan. His crazypants rampage comes to an end when Nolan flies in Tyler’s brother, and Tyler is hauled off in handcuffs, to the great relief of EVERYBODY WHO HAS EVER WATCHED THIS SHOW.

Emily’s Target
Finally FINALLY FINALLY Emily totally destroys Tyler. She plants Dead Frank’s wallet on Tyler, leaving her gun (emptied of bullets) in an easy to find location, basically putting all the pieces in place for Tyler to destroy himself.

Gala of the Week
Daniel’s birthday clambake, planned by the motley crew of Emily, Ashley, Jack and Fake!Amanda.

Best Dressed
Emily’s birthday party dress was truly gorgeous. The halter-neck, the nautical stripes, how it fit her bod perfectly. I would like this dress + bod ASAP, THX!

Most Soapy Moment
We got some hints this week about how Queen V managed to hook Conrad in the first place – a fake pregnancy, fake miscarriage, and hints at her lower-class roots? Classic soap!

Evil Over-The-Shoulder Hugs: 1
Have you noticed how many times people on this show hug one another, while looking evilly and/or thoughtfully and/or sadly into the camera? Apaprently, this is esp. noticeable when you watch several eps in a row. So, I will hereby be counting evil over-the-shoulder hugs.

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