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Jane Quimby is your average high school outcast with perfect curls and an eye for fashion. Thanks to a little help from the Contrivance Fairy, she lands a killer part-time job as the assistant to Gray Chandler Murray, a woman who took the wrong lesson from The Devil Wears Prada. Along for the ride is Jane’s best friend, Faux-Hawk Billy. Ready to thwart Jane’s every move is evil high school mean girl Lulu and evil assistant designer India. By the end of the episode, Jane’s been hit on by a foxy British guy, saved Gray’s job, taken a midterm, and had a lengthy fashion montage. So, just an average day for a high school girl.

Jane is an outcast at her school. You can tell because she drives a clunker and has her own personal 21st Century Duckie – just replace the porkpie hat with a faux hawk.

Jane may be a social nonentity, but I have a hard time buying that it’s because she dresses too stylishly. Sure, the chains on her  Sergeant Pepper-esque jacket are a bit large, but on the whole her outfit would be right at home in first period. Now, her penchant for picking wedgies during job interviews … that makes for a level of catastrophic social awkwardness even a cute wardrobe can’t save.


But seriously, if I saw a girl dressed like this at school, my first instinct would be to latch onto her like a fashion lamprey in the hopes of raiding her closet.


Jane leads a double-life: there’s School Jane and Work Jane. Jane’s work wardrobe is a perfect mix of youthfulness and polish. And look – because we are super helpful (and we want to win the aforementioned Jane By Design Style Challenge) we’ve put together a style guide for this look:

Logic dictates that wearing a tutu to a job interview – even in fashion – is probably a bad idea, but Jane grounds it with a polka-dot blouse and snappy red belt (that she made herself, how very Pretty In Pink of her!). We found similar pieces, and paired them with a skirt that’s a little more real-world appropriate. But since we admire the fun spirit of the tutu, we’re pairing it with butterfly tights. I mean…BUTTERFLY TIGHTS. That just sounds fun, right?


I have to vote this blouse a miss, if for no other reason than it’s just too big on her through the sleeves. An oversized men’s shirt can be cute, but tailoring makes all the difference between studied effortlessness and the walk of shame. The two watches – one masculine, one feminine – are a great touch, though.


Okay, quick quiz: your boss, who is apparently so anal that she notices you’re wearing her lipstick, asks you to go to her house and sign for a package. While there, do you: a) surf the internet on your phone and mentally plan your wedding to the British cad in your office, b) look through her medicine cabinet for future blackmail material, or c) try on everything in her closet?

If your answer is “C,” congratulations: Odds are, you will be fired the minute your boss gets home and notices one of the hangers is pointing the wrong direction.


Unless, of course, you’re Jane Quimby. If you are so fortunate as to be Jane Quimby, not only will you have an awesome montage, but you will also get to wear one of her dresses for the whole day and your boss won’t even notice when you videoconference with her!

Yes, speaking of awesome…we put fashion montages right up there with unicorns and birthday parties. So thanks for that, ABCFamily.


Integral to a good fashion montage is a “flipbook” moment, where items magically change Bewitched-style. It makes me think that, if I keep my foot elevated and pointed for long enough, my busted Converse will transform into a pair of Brian Atwoods.


Missed the montage? We are sad for you, but not so distraught that we can’t find the clip on YouTube:


The other fashion standout in the show is India, Antagonist with curls worthy of Pretty Little Liars.

In case you can’t tell that India is evil, her Maleficent-inspired hair horns are a dead giveaway. Jane, here’s a simple rule of thumb: if one of your coworkers has the same hair as a Disney villain, do not let her see your boss’s schedule.


India has a thing for tight dresses with details that accentuate her hips. I’m choosing to believe this is because she’s trying to distract unsuspecting prey from the venomous bitchface she’s throwing their way.


Gray’s dress is a perfect fit on Jane, even if it is a bit formal for a day at the office. It must be nice being the same size as your boss — just think of all the castoffs you’ll get after she wears a dress once then loses interest! I can’t deal with the spider pins because I am freaked out by spider legs (true story), so I’m just going to say they’re pretty and move on.

All in all, Jane makes it through an entire day driving her boss’s car and wearing her boss’s dress, saving her boss’s job and rocking a midterm. What did you do in high school?


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