Happy holidays! We’ve been promoted to task #5 in the Jane By Design Style Challenge, and our editor-in-chief Jen is hard at work trying to win YKYLF a mention on ABC Family’s new show, Jane By Design. We get judged on 1) creativity 2) how quickly we complete the tasks and 3) fan support. It would mean oodles if you’d visit the Jane By Design Facebook page and say that You Know You Love Fashion sent you!


The task: Yesterday’s email came from “Jane” herself: “Using accessories from your own collection, style a white shirt for a day at the office, and a cocktail party. Ask your readers to share their day-to-night styling tips on the Jane By Design Facebook page and mention the name of your blog.”


The result: Day-to-Night Barbie’s got nothing on Jane.


Let’s start with the daytime look. It’s buttoned-up but fashionable. Yes, the shirt is plain, but it’s salvaged by a status bag, designer scarf, flattering A-line skirt with a big belt, and stylish yet comfortable crocodile pumps.


Plus some demure gold hoops…


…and four simple bangles at the wrist.


What with Jane running around tackling impossible tasks, she needs shoes that aren’t too high.


It’s five o’clock (or six, seven, eight…whenever Gray frees Jane from the shackles), and Jane has a party to attend. Perhaps a boat cruise? We transform into a cool evening look by:

1) Switching out the leather bag and croc pumps for wedge espadrilles and a wicker bag.

2) Tying the scarf as a sexy top (this requires you wear a backless bra or no bra at all)


3) Turning the shirt into a flippy skirt! Here’s how to do it.

While I’m not sure that I can pull off the shirtskirt, I have done the scarfshirt, including once while interviewing style expert Robert Verdi. He wanted to know all about how I did it, and I obliged. Watch for that part of the look to catch on!  🙂




Anyway, back to Jane’s outfit. What of the demure hoops? They’ve been amped up with a big bangle looped through the center. The remaining two bangles stay on the wrist.


And there you have it! Please go to the JBD FB page and give YKYLF a shoutout…your voice means a vote for us! THANKS, LUV U!