While Blair is planning a Stage 3 Takedown of Miss Carr, Chuck is waking up in a strange hotel, in a strange bed, with vague memories of a party and a masked woman he doesn’t know. You know, a typical Tuesday for Mr. Bass.

Even hungover, drugged and still dressed in last night’s clothes, Chuck Bass cuts an impressive figure.

The navy blue velvet blazer is a bit Hugh Hefner, but Chuck wears it well, especially paired with the complementary blue shirt and ascot.

Really Chuck does color-on-color beautifully.  Love this brown turtleneck and the swingin’ sixties tan blazer with matching trim.

Elle, his mystery woman, only appears to him in the dark, and so we don’t get more than a glimpse of her clothing.  But suffice it to say, she is just as lovely as Chuck claims.  Just not as lovely as Blair.

And of course, Vanessa can’t compare to either of them.

Though I do like her gold paisley earrings.


Bravo, Vanessa!  Pairing a wild, colorful print with a cardigan that’s only one color.  That’s real progress!

But what’s real progress is this copycat outfit that Vanessa dons to seduce Nate a la Chuck Bass.

The black trench is so chic, and the black lace mask is the perfect touch.

As for her boyfriend, he’s still wearing St. Jude’s uniforms even though we haven’t seen him set foot in a classroom in episodes.

It’s a good thing he’s still hot.  Otherwise, he might not get any of our precious attention.