The holidays mean a lot of things. Presents, candy, parties, eggnog. All of these things are great. But for those of us who love fashion, it also means festive sweaters, sparkly accessories and pretty dresses. And Glee delivered on all of those fronts.

Artie finds himself perpetually on my Worst Dressed list, but Christmas is the one and only time of year when his grandpa sweaters become not only appropriate, but charming.


So. Many. Reindeer. I’d love to know how he manages to store so many sweaters. There are boys in the glee club who dress for the holidays more stylishly though, and I’d like to nominate Blaine for best dressed male.


The velvet blazer he rocked during the opening number? Divine. Among Blaine’s many talents are pulling off a bow tie and shooting Kurt sideways glances. See?


I wish he’d look at me that way…OK, getting off track. Blaine even knows how to out-sweater Artie.


Kurt looks cute here, but his best moment came during “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

All I want for Christmas is for Kurt to dress like a candycane all year round.


The ladies of New Directions really brought it this week, though. How many beautiful retro dresses does Rachel Berry own?

Despite not being a fan of her Heidi braids, I love how Rachel looks here – red is such a good color on her. Quinn looks adorable in that polka-dot dress. Oh, and Tina is also there. Wearing a plaid coat?


Doesn’t matter, because the spotlight was shining on Mercedes, who belted out a Mariah Christmas tune while wearing a gorgeous purple dress.

Stunning. This may be the best she’s ever looked. She also expressed her holiday spirit through pops of red and sparkly accessories.



Another red dress on Rachel! Her selfish holiday wish list might have been ugly, but her wardrobe sure isn’t.


Check out how cute she looks in this sweater:


I think I liked this polka dot number even more, especially with the adorable hat.


And the blue dress she wore to perform with Blaine? So sophisticated.

Blaine looks incredibly adorable in that suit and sweater.


I think Rachel really outdid herself with the dress she wore to sing “River” though.

I’m green with envy over that green dress. (Bad joke, I know).


Now, onto the Christmas television special. Artie was directing, and he did an…interesting job. Here’s a look at the opening credits:


Kurt and Blaine look the best, of course. And they got to host the show! It was all done in black and white like a Judy Garland Christmas special.

I loved the retro vibe they went for here, and the wink-wink-nudge-nudge sense of humor they used to approach the special.


While most of New Directions were filming the TV show, Sam and Quinn made good on their promise to Sue to visit the soup kitchen. Quinn manages to make an apron look cute with her fuzzy sweater.


They weren’t alone for long, though. After learning a lesson about Christmas spirit from “Itchy the Elf” (again, poor Rory) the whole gang headed over the soup kitchen…but not until after the plug had been pulled on the special, so I guess it wasn’t THAT selfless. Anyway, I’ll forgive them just because they look so cute. I mean, Puck in this hat?

Only Noah Puckerman could pull that off.


Will and Emma looked like they stepped right out of a bad Saturday Night Live skit, but at least Emma’s shirt is pretty.


Everyone got together to sing “Let Them Know It’s Christmastime”, because I know when I’m interacting with homeless people I like to sing songs that ask them to feed the world.


I love Rachel’s patterned coat, and the fact that Finn is wearing something other than a hoodie in a bland color. (Take note, Sam.) Kurt and Blaine look adorable as always, and even Tina has impressed me with her hot pink coat! It’s a Christmas miracle!


After learning an important lesson about the true meaning of Christmas (HANUKKAH?), Rachel realized she’d been really greedy and selfish. She and Finn returned their Christmas gifts and donated the money to the charity Sam and Rory were collecting for.


Rory finally looks good! And Sam looks…OK! Hey, at least it looks like he might be wearing a festive sweater under that jacket. Probably an early Christmas gift from Artie. Blah blah blah, it’s better to give than to receive, etc…can we please talk about how great Rachel looks instead?

I am in love with that coat. The flirty skirt? The bows? Her hat? It was cute enough to make me forget how horrible she was throughout the whole episode.

Well y’all, if nothing else this episode of Glee certainly inspired me to break out my own festive outfits. Happy Holidays!