A break-up is pretty much the worst Christmas gift ever. Except maybe the bunny suit that Ralphie’s aunt gave him in A Christmas Story (that was pretty bad).

This week’s episode:
New Girl – “The 23rd”


The episode starts out with Jess freaking out about what to buy new boyfriend Paul for Christmas. She enlists Nick to go to the mall with her and help her pick something, well, not stupid (I am starting to see how this whole “male roommates” thing could come in VERY handy for certain situations). And she does it in a super-cute dress and blazer combo:

I love the green and brown plaid-like print on her dress – very festive without making her look like a Christmas cracker. Her tweedy blazer adds a bit of masculine polish. Perfect for an afternoon of anxiety-ridden gift shopping for someone you are having “weird nerd sex” with on a regular basis.


Then comes the moment for Paul and Jess to exchange gifts and what did she end up getting him? A plush replica of a human heart of a 50-year-old man (or something) that actually beats! I officially take back my previous statement about Ralphie and say that THIS is actually the weirdest gift ever. Her gift is immediately dwarfed by Paul’s – two tickets to a music festival in VIENNA! Umm, hey Jess, since Paul is moving too fast for you do you mind if I swoop in there? He’s just so darn cute and sweet – I mean look at his Christmas-party-ready plaid shirt and red tie:

He looks like a grown-up here, but still a bit fun and young with the bright tie. And Jess – yet again – is wearing a super-cute dress. Here’s a view of the top:

And it’s a good thing she looks adorable because she totally choked when Paul said “I Love You”. She thanked him, which is very nice and all, but that’s something you say to like, a cashier for ringing up your bananas, not to your boyfriend who just uttered three very important words. Lets all say it together, one time – AWKWAAAAAAARD!


One person who never needs to worry about looking awkward is Cece. Schmidt visits her on the set of a diet pill commercial to give her some custom perfume he made for her.

DANG! It’s no secret why she is the “after” shot on the diet pill commercial. On another note, you can cut the sexual tension between these two with a knife. I’m sure Cece could light the candles on Schmidt’s menOHrah anytime. 


Nicholas (not the Saint) was looking cuter than ever in this episode – was that just me? I quite liked the outfit he wore to Schmidt’s office Christmas party:

I actually love this plaid – it’s very Christmasey and the blazer cleans it up/tones it down just enough. He’s looking very polished – especially since it seems he got rid of his ghetto-fab hairdo from last week.


Alas, Jess and Paul discovered they are on different pages in the book of life and decided to part ways *sadface* On a happier note, however, this also means that Paul and his Vienna tickets are now up for grabs (back off, beotches, they’re mine)! I not only want to steal Zooey’s hair, men and sparkly headbands, I also want her divine pink coat:

If you can’t keep your man, you can at least wear a beautiful coat – I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Taylor said that at some point. Look it up, son. 

So, what do you think? If you were Schmidt, would you have told your boss off? Who do you think got the best/worst Christmas gift? Do you think a happy new year is in the cards for Jess?