Ok, YKYLF nation. We don’t ask you for much, but for reals, we need your help on this one.

A few weeks ago, ABCFamily invited YKYLF to participate in their Jane By Design Style Challenge. JBD is a new show that chronicles the life of high schooler by day/fashion worker bee by night Jane Quimby. The winning blog gets its name mentioned on an episode of the show, and you know we’re all about spreading the YKYLF word!

On Monday, editor-in-chief Jen received a (really heavy) trunk from ABCFamily, filled with mysterious objects, all labeled 1-7. Each object corresponds to a style challenge. If we do well with challenge #1, we move on to challenge #2, and so forth. We know, this is totally something out of Pretty Little Liars, right?

Anywho, challenge #1 was to “shoot a video of a shopping haul and post it to your own blog. Then tell your readers to share their own haul videos on our Facebook page, and mention the name of your blog.”

Here’s Jen’s shopping haul video!

And now, your part: upload your own haul video to the JBD Facebook page. We get judged on how many videos our fans upload, so PLEASE help us out. Your vid can be super short and feature just one item, but be sure to mention YouKnowYouLoveFashion.com!

Thanks, kisses, champagne & doughnuts…


PS: If you’re on Twitter, use #JBDStyleChallenge. Also, check out this sneak peak of the show!