We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled plot and celebrating Christmas in Lima, Ohio. Despite being Jewish, Rachel is all over this Christmas stuff, especially the presents, and gives Finn a list of things he can’t afford. The local PBS affiliate needs holiday programming, and Mr. Schue arranges for Artie to direct a Very New Directions Holiday Special. And Sue schools everyone on the true meaning of Christmas – which is helping those less fortunate and not creating TV programming inspired by Star Wars and Judy Garland.

Song of the Night: I want to give it to Brittany for Christmas Wrapping, but I think the winner was Mercedes with All I Want for Christmas is You.

Melodramatic Rachel Solo of the Week: I love me some Joni Mitchell, but Artie was right – River really does make for a Morose Christmas. 

Santana’s Snark: “That was so depressing, I may actually be dead.” (she spoke too soon – Rachel had yet to sing Joni)

How Sue Sees It would like to spend the holidays “I made plans to shoot reindeer with Sarah Palin, but she had to cancel.”

Outfit of the Week: Rachel knocked it out of the park this week. I can’t even begin to choose which dress was the cutest (maybe the blue one with some kind of snow flake-ish pattern on it). 

Worst Outfit of the Week: Normally, I’d want to say Artie, but for once his garish patterned sweaters made sense. So this one is going out to Mr. Schue for the plaid vest.  

Tracksuit count: 3


Tune in on Friday when we get another extraordinary merry recap from Jill.