A few things you need to know first:

1) We are sort of hung up on The Murder Trunk from Ringer:


2) Yesterday, Jen received a trunk from ABCFamily, as a promotional contest for their upcoming show Jane By Design. The trunk is filled with random objects, including a dress form torso.


3) Yesterday was also the day that Anthony got this tweet from Pan Am:

4) Then, the following conversation took place in our staff room:

Anthony, upon showing us the tweet: Validation? I have it now.

Ritchie: I’m confused. Is it still on the air?

Amanda: Either that or you’re not actually alive, and only Pan Am knows.

Alyson: WAIT…Pan Am has a murder trunk and Anthony Casey is in it???

Ann: ABC has killed Anthony! His torso was inside the Murder Trunk sent to Jen!

Anthony: This is the best crossover episode idea ever. I, a lowly passenger on Pan Am flight 4 to Europeland, piss off The Ricci and find myself straight up murdered and trunked. But, to complicate matters, my evil European twin with an even more devastating wardrobe, has arranged to take my place and get Revenge(!!!) on the stewardesses who killed me. Of course, it would be a snap if there wasn’t those pesky kids from Beverly Hills scheming how to steal my fortune to pay for each other’s rehab.

Ann: And it’s up to the YKYLF team to sort it all out, using clues sent to Jen from “A”!

Amanda: And the whole time, the events are narrated by a society blogger with a penchant for really stretching her metaphors. “Uh-oh. It looks like this mile-high member’s about to be six feet under.”

Now, dear YKYLF readers, it’s your turn. Sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure, except less choosing and more inventing. Is there singing and dancing? Loveable characters bursting with Southern stereotypes? High-powered 1960s ad execs groping and smoking? MAKE STUFF UP!