New Directions might have won the trophy at Sectionals, but The Troubletones won my heart. (Cue your “Awwws”). There wasn’t nearly enough Mercedes, Santana or Brittany in this episode for my liking.

Mercedes and Santana had different reactions to the return of Sam Evans. For Santana, it was an opportunity to use all the Trouty Mouth insults she’d been squirreling away in a notebook.

Mr. Schue doesn’t seem impressed with her insults, but I sure was. I’m so disappointed that Santana and Brittany are back to spending 75% of their time in Cheerios uniforms. Can you say dull?


Meanwhile, Mercedes is getting herself into a fun little love triangle with Sam. Remember that summer fling they had? He’s not over it and he plans on winning her back – even if her boyfriend is built like a bulldozer.

It was crazy hard to get a screenshot of Mercedes here, but I dig the animal print top and purple jeans she was rocking. Apparently, so did Sam.


You know who could take a hint from Mercedes and wear some brighter colors? Shelby. The lady knows how to rock a blouse and pencil skirt like no other, but damn, I’m sick of seeing her in black.


The Troubletones provided some stiff competition for New Directions in both the performance and wardrobe departments, but Harmony and the rest of The Unitards weren’t bad either.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’d love to be wearing that red dress on New Year’s Eve this year. The embellished neckline? So pretty.


The Troubletones really brought the sparkle though.

Fabulous, and that “I Will Survive”/”Survivor” mash-up kicked ass. Even if I’m not really sure where all those other girls were when New Directions was looking for members – they had sparkly dresses and fun mash-ups too, once upon a time. Now they have Wednesday Adams sweetly singing a Jackson 5 song. So not the same.


After facing defeat at Sectionals, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Sugar all took Quinn up on her offer to rejoin New Directions. I guess Mr. Schue decided that it doesn’t matter that Sugar’s tone deaf after all.

I hate the pants Mercedes is wearing here, but I like what I see on Sugar. She should stick around on glee club just so I can have a break from Mercedes’ animal prints and Rachel’s unicorn sweaters. And all that plaid the boys insist on wearing.


So in the end, everyone is back to being one big, happy family who sings about how fun it is to be young.

If this means we can forget Evil Quinn and the Puck/Shelby romance ever existed and just enjoy next week’s Christmas episode, then I’m totally on board – even if it means turning a blind eye to Kurt’s decision to dress like the adorable moppet in a Charles Dickens story.

Now, bring on that holiday episode!