Ho-ho-ho, hos! It’s the final “Teen Stars We Loved” Screening Room…

This week’s episode:
Hart of Dixie – “Holidays and Hairdos”
Ringer – Off this week. Not that it matters, because based on your votes, it’s been stuffed it in The Murder Trunk.


 Holiday time in Bluebell…

…and the town is buzzing as they prepare for the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pagent. Of course it is. Zoe makes it her mission to help Rose take down Magnolia Breeland as the Pageant Queen, which I’m sure is not in any way/shape/form a competition between Zoe and Lemon. 

Santa came early and gave Zoe some fabulous skirts so she could retire her short-shorts. At first I thought this might help her quest to be taken more seriously, but then I saw the hem line. Oh well. Snaps anyway for pairing a long sleeve shirt with the itty-bitty skirt, in an attempt to be somewhat seasonal.



Lemon is upping the ante with a signature 1950’s look for both herself and her sister. Magnolia, you are fooling no one with that fluffy pink dress and angelic hair. We know all about you and your sassy attitude. Lemon goes for the ultimate stage mom look with her perfectly coiffed locks, horse racing blouse, and a thinly veiled need to relive her glory days.


While the girls are preparing for the pageant, two of Bluebell’s hottest men were arrested. 


I think it was because Wade has stolen yet another plaid shirt from the CW’s costume department? Or maybe it was something about Christmas trees? I’m really not too sure.


In the slammer, George admits to Wade that he has a thing for Zoe, but then makes a statement about how nothing will tear him and Lemon apart. Famous last words Georgie! Countdown is on for the demise of that relationship.

Back at the pageant, Zoe changes her outfit, her mind about George, and her subsequent hatred for Lemon.

I’m thinking her super hot dress has some sort of influential power that’s made her realize Wade is the ticket to happiness in Bluebell. Also, it has reinforced her distaste for serious hemlines. Well, at least she learned one valuable lesson.