This week on The Nolan Chronicles Revenge (!!!): Emily has a mentoring/kung fu session with The Revenge Sensei, then makes a plan for the Graysons, Real Emily/Faux-Manda, and Tyler to all RED SHARPIE one another. The Sensei invests $50 mil with Daniel, Daniel blabs to Conrad that Tyler blackmailed Nolan with THE SEX, Tyler blackmails Conrad about the plane crash, Tyler yells at Nolan about blabbing to Conrad about their sexcapades. I know that’s a lot to take in. Just trust me: it was EPIC. Also, Emily uses Nolan like a pawn and Nolan BFF-breaks-up with her. This makes Nolan cry (sob!) and Emily get kind of misty-eyed (her version of sobbing). Meanwhile, Conrad files for divorce from Queen V, Faux-Manda continues to woo Jack with her fake identity, and the Revenge Sensei totally RETIRED because he notices Emily is falling for Daniel! 


Emily’s Target
Who wasn’t a target this week? The wheels are in motion to destroy Tyler, Faux-Manda, the Graysons, and Queen V’s lawyer. Poor Nolan was also targeted (sob!) but hopefully Em gets over that soon and the Dynamic Duo can get their co-Revenge(!!!) back on. 

Gala of the Week
Between all the scheming and amazepants-ness, nobody had time to plan a gala. I blame Ashley, who’s too busy with her own scheming to plan any parties for Queen V. Get on it, Ash. 

Best Dressed 
Little time for fashion as THE HAMPTONS ARE ABOUT TO EXPLODE WITH DRAMZ. I guess I’ll give it to the cute floral romper Charlotte she wore during her Boring Teen Shenanigans.

Most Soapy Moment
A tie between a) Tyler throwing Nolan’s laptop into the pool and b) Tyler discovering his Mysterious Crazypants Prescription has run out. Cue X-treme Crazypants next episode!


Ann (that’s me!) will have all the deets on this week’s marathon of kung-fu-training evil this Saturday.