UPDATE: Ok, you want us to toss Pan Am and Ringer. Sure thing. But please, for the love of Louboutins, make a decision on 90210, Hart of Dixie, and New Girl. We’ll give you until FRIDAY to decide their fate. if there’s no clear winner, it’s writers’ choice…

Hey there, YKYLF nation. We have a very important job for you – it’s time to decide what to do with our five remaining Screening Room shows.

Your votes carried Revenge to the promised land and dumped 2 Broke Girls like a bad boyfriend, but you’re decidedly meh on the rest of the lineup. Time to make a decision. Stand up, vote, and be the change you want to see in your favorite TV fashion blog.

This is probably self-explanatory but..
1) Vote for the shows you want to keep
2) Vote to toss a show if you don’t care about it, or actively dislike it.
3) We can’t keep all five. Sorry. At least one will get the axe. Keeping all five means we can’t cover Mad Men, nor a few other new shows…