Let’s go play designer. Yes, it’s like working. I hear the poor people do it all the time!

This week’s episode:
90210 – Project Runway


Annie had to find Marla’s million dollar necklace in order to inherit her money, Teddy’s feelings were hurt over a wedding video, Dixon had trouble staying sober, and Holly and Naomi FINALLY end on good terms…or do they? Naomi accidently takes Holly’s dream internship, oops! The episode ends with a heartbreaking goodbye when Shane and Teddy decide to move to Washington D.C.

Where do these girls buy their pjs? Flowered pants, striped bottoms, and Aztec tops? I wish I’d look this good if I woke up depressed.


Up and ready to criticize them is Naomi and her leg-lengthening slit. Hey, if you’re going to be a designer, at least look good on your first day! Props for the necklace matching the bag. It screams: “I’m now professional! RESPECT ME!”


Let’s have a pity party for Navid. No girlfriend, no family, and no sense of style. I mean, really. He’s resorted to earthtone plaid. I wish I was joking. Meanwhile, the officer/cop/detective (what’s her name again?) is wearing a flattering dress and adorable pink belt. No girl in Silver’s apartment is allowed to dress badly.


Liam as a vampire? He should audition for Twilight. Both his cold, pissed attitude and translucent skin are perfect for the role!


Just like last week, Silver impresses me with her choice of jewelry. I need to find out where she bought her watch and rings. Teddy continues to be boring with a blue button down shirt, but hey – at least it matches his eyes. Baby steps, right Teddy?


Bravo Annie, I’m impressed! After mostly horrible outfits this season, you pulled together this terrific ensemble. I can never get enough of maxi-skirts, and the mini bag and necklace are the perfect accessories.


Holly, because you are a “fashion designer”, you should know how to dress. That button down shirt looks a bit like it belongs to a clown’s wardrobe, and it should not be matched with that knee length red skirt. Take a look-see at Naomi. There’s someone who looks like she knows what she’s doing.


I feel the need to mention Shane. He shines among the boys with this preppy classic shirt and sweater combo. Observe the lack of earthtone plaid.


Silver also got the maxi-skirt memo, and her red bag is a nice pop of contrast with the green. Oh, you know what? It’s Christmas-y without trying. That, my friends, is a feat.


Although these aren’t really beach outfits, I approve of both. I suppose Navid’s stripes are a bit nautical. Ivy pulls off this rug-shirt with flair. How does she do that? This is a good time for me to confess that I glared at her while watching this episode. She and Silver probably go ring shopping together. Why won’t they take me??


Another stylishly appropriate outfit from Naomi. Please note her workday accessories: iPhone, a laptop, planner, and a killer smile. This is how it’s done.


I never thought I’d see the day when Liam wore sequins.

Apparently I was wrong.


In addition to “Liam in Sequins Day”, it’s also Naomi’s day. Girlfriend hits it out of the park with one breathtaking outfit after another. This dress, (which granted, looks like a Gaga castoff at first) does wonders for her figure. Can I have it? Yes, please, and thank you.


Holly’s mom decided to match her pants to her hair, which was an…interesting choice, but it didn’t stop her from looking fresh and accessorizing very well.


I had to note Naomi’s hairclip and the outfits she designed. I’m sorry, but I would not buy any of them. And neither would the rest of the world.


Dixon’s hat choice with the vest makes him look rather pimp-like, but I must say I’m very proud of him for resisting temptation and possibly becoming more famous. Note the beer: didn’t he just come out of rehab? I hope that’s not his…

Silver never fails to surprise me. How many outfit choices can one girl have? With the intricate detailing on the shirt and the jaunty hat, she’s like a perfect porcelain doll. I also admire her choice in her fake boyfriend, who dresses quite nicely. There’s something retro about the two of them together.


Remember when I said Annie had improved? I was wrong. Between this and Liam’s sequins, that’s twice I’ve been wrong in one episode. Guys, 90210 is knocking me off my game!

Right, Annie. So at first glance this dress was just dandy on her. High neckline, studded sleeves. All fine and good. But then I noticed the extreme tightness at the bottom and the ridiculously low amount of fabric used for this dress, and…no.

Annie, honey, I wasn’t aware you were on duty tonight.




Her tummy looks flat?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing more to say about this disaster.


I didn’t have a chance to see whether or not I liked Holly’s dress because Naomi went and tore it off of her. How humiliating! Holly is practically naked and Naomi looks insane, and they are physically fighting in front of Janice Dickinson. Well, if that doesn’t give a powerful first impression, I don’t know what does.


We need a palate cleanser. Naomi saves the day! I would buy this. The cut of the shirt falls well with the chunky wooden necklace she’s wearing, plus I adore those pants.


AND HER HAIR IS ALWAYS PERFECT. How is that possible? It’s really unfair.


What a comfy goodbye outfit. Yet, this edgy khaki jacket also keeps it memorable. Teddy won’t soon forget Silver!

Oh, PS. ANOTHER RING. Seriously.


Holly tried to go in the Chanel direction, but tripped and fell on the way. This pocket detailing on the top half is not flattering. Snaps for the bag, though. A pop of red is always appreciated against black and white ensemble (or green, as we saw earlier).

Hmm. It seems that this episode’s fashion themes were pop o’ red bags and awesome silver rings. It’s good to be consistent.