While everyone was out running amok, the rest of the New Directions and the Troubletones had a lot of spare time for costume changes much like…wait for it…mannequins!  Can you tell it’s been a long day?

In a surprise twist, Artie took the lead in outfit changes.  So much so, that at one point, he ran out of sweater vests.  We also learn that aside from owning more than one kind of sweater, he’s particularly fond of the yellow color family. 









And while not entirely yellow or golden, there are smatterings of the color in these two vests.  Who doesn’t love that bicycle?



But the winner, by far, is this little number.  I get a huge kick out of the fact that there’s a map knitted into the sweater.   How fun!



And not to be totally outdone, Rory had a number of costume changes, too.  Those must have been some heavy suitcases he lugged from Ireland.   Nothing out of the ordinary, but it looks like he’s a fan of the button-up shirt.








Mike stays pretty on-trend with his comfy cardigan, fancy vest, and super cool letterman jacket.


I like that the guys in glee club aren’t afraid to wear ties.  And true to form, Mercedes sticks to the statement pieces—studs, bangles, and big earrings.   And a hat for good measure.  



It looks like another episode theme is the vest.  


Mercedes, you are too fabulous to be wearing things with words.  LOL?  Sexy?  No.  And no, don’t wear something that says “no.” 


Tan printed leggings, a purple tunic, a black jacket, and gold jewelry.  Everything works except for the pants but at least she’s properly attired for the weather.   I’ll give her that. 


Sugar’s wardrobe is just as outrageous as Mercedes’s, but somehow, she manages to pull it all together.  Case in point?  I’m not crazy about faux fur or the bandeau, but I really like this look on her.  


I love that she’s wearing so many bright colors and going to town on the jewelry.  I guess we know what she and Mercedes bonded over.


Finally, someone is wearing tights!  Bonus points because they’re hot pink.  

Not many people can pull off a high-waisted trouser, but Sugar can.  Pair it with a cute hat and done.  


I’m really glad that Tina’s embraced all the colors, but can we please not add a pilgrim collar to every single outfit? 


Seriously, how many dickies can one girl have?  And what on earth would compel her to pair green and mustard boots with a pink dress?  


Apparently there’s a collar for every holiday.


Now her collars are exploding.  


But, despite Tina’s raging addiction to questionable necklines, Rachel’s inability compete in Sectionals, and a sneaking suspicion that Quinn has Beth and blackmail on the brain what’s really going to make things interesting is Sam’s return.  Oh, and did you notice that he’s moonlighting as a stripper?  Bring on the sequined boxer briefs reviews!