First, Cooter was way into Beiste.  Now, he’s totally going steady with Sue.  And before, Quinn had a thing for Puck.  Then, she didn’t.  But, now she does again.  Seriously, guys, pick already.  Polos or tracksuits?  Mohawk or no-hawk?

I’m completely Team Polo and while Beiste’s affinity for polo shirts continues to elude me, I can’t really blame her.  She’s a football coach so she can’t strut around in cute dresses a la Pilsbury, which is why I love that she accessorizes with little hoop earrings and rings (they’re probably championship rings, but whatever).  








Sue’s tracksuits were pretty standard…










 …but she definitely had the best accessory: her little black book, “Sue’s Booty Calls.”


Speaking of booty calls, I was a little surprised when Puck pulled a Pacey Witter and wound up canoodling Shelby.  I guess when you put his charming smirk in one of his hundreds of fitted black shirts and slap a guitar on him, it’s hard to stay away, but that disaster of a mohawk should’ve dissuaded her.  What’s going on?  Why is it leaning to one side?  I know it was Movember, but wrong “mo.”  


Shelby generally has a great sense of style and I love that she’s equipped for fall with her long-sleeved blouses and boots.  Except, the black v-neck sweater is on the less-remarkable side and the orange skirt is just not a flattering cut—the lone middle pleat leaves her looking wider than she is.  


Ah, okay, here we go.  She definitely knows her blouses.  The deep jeweled blue and green tones compliment her so well and I love the ruffle and knot details on them.  So stylin’.  


Completing this entirely inappropriate love triangle is Quinn and her bevy of cardigans.  I love a good cardigan and think that this little lavender number softens what looks to be a more modern print.  


She switches things up with a cream bolero and what I first thought was a camo-print dress.  It wasn’t until I pulled the screen cap that I realized, “Oh!  Those are flowers…ish.”   What I really like, though, is her belt.  Like I said, can’t resist a good bow.  It’s always fun to add a bit of hardware to an otherwise totally feminine outfit. 


This look is a little too summery for me right now and I surely wouldn’t have paired them with what I think are brogue-like wedges.  I like the shoe—I really like the shoe—but not with that dress.  


While she’s sans cardigan here, I like the asymmetrical neckline and little ruffle accent.   I also like her evil eyes—no one can hand out a death stare quite like Quinn.  


While not embroiled in some kind of love scandal, Emma and Will are definitely hot n cold—fashionably speaking, of course.  Emma is, as usual, spot on by adding some whimsy to a plain red sweater with a cute little fish brooch (any good Red Sea jokes out there?) and her hair looks amazing.


And this. Uff.  She is just perfect.  Perfect cut, perfect fit, perfect accessories, perfect color—I love that she’s always in something bright!  


And then, we have…gray. 


I see a little progress with the mixing of the printed tie and the gingham shirt, but this brown jacket has got to go.  


No, not yet?  Going to hang on to it for a bit longer, huh? 


Well…at least the tie is nice.