Mix: one loveable gang of escorts/drug addicts/washed-up singers. Add: holiday shenanegans. Broil under a brush fire for 60 minutes, minus 20 minutes for Black Friday commericals. Yield: another installment of the Champagne Sorrows Screening Room!

This week’s episode:
90210 – “Smoked Turkey”


Happy Thanksgiving! Dixon returns from rehab, and Annie greets him with another cheque that she’s earned from her shady night job. For some reason he doesn’t question the source – he just loves getting those dolla dolla bills. Is it too much to hope that he’ll use it to stay clean?

Silver continues to get over Naveed and actually meets a cuter, older guy at the Thanksgiving food drive. I must say that post-meldown Silver has really gotten her stride back. She’s the only girl I know who can pull of Derby-inspired millinery in an impoverished setting, without verging into stuck-up-snot territory.


Naomi is pumped because Austin has returned from Vegas, and she makes no qualms about wanting to get him in the sack. Sadly, Austin returns with a heavy heart and shuts Naomi down despite this super fab one piece number. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sold on this “outfit” but it’s grown on me for sure. That girl must keep an in-house waxer….


In an effort to win back Austin’s love, Naomi goes horseback riding with him. And by that I mean, dressing to the nines, and pretending to not have a clue what she is doing on a horse. Don’t get me wrong. Naomi’s outfit is AMAZEBALLS. I love love the high waisted jeans, colourful blazer and huge hat…but, Naomi? Know your audience. Jessy the horse doesn’t give a rats arse if you look stellar or not.



While Naomi was off kicking up dust, she also got her leg jammed between rocks and started a brush fire while trying to light a “cigarette”. Meanwhile the rest of the gang is interrupted from their Turkey day menu-making and evacuated from Naomi’s house due to Naomi’s brush fire. Oh, the irony! They relocate to Liam’s bar and salvage what’s left of the holiday. Annie and Liam seem to have bonded over the disasterous occasion…or is it their newfound anti-flannel habit?

Should Annie and Liam get back together? Or should she continue to turn tricks in the night?