You GUYS. Being loaded and famous is HARD, ok?

This week’s episode:
90210 – “A Thousand Words”

Annie finally realizes what we have known all along (well, since Mr. Old Man Moneybags was introduced): She has joined the ranks of Pretty Woman herself. And her guy is no where near as attractive as Richard Gere, and that makes that whole situation all kinds of awkward. In other relevatory news, Silver accidentally leaked the video of Teddy and Shane’s wild Vegas wedding to Marissa’s office–and we get to see Brandy’s Marissa’s true bitchiness emerge. All of this leads to Teddy and Liam bonding over their unwanted fame and landing themselves in jail. Oh the life of the young and wealthy…

Annie’s wardrobe is really starting to bore me. Fair Isle one day and boho-chic the next? Let’s pick a style and stick to it. And I’m going to quote Anthony from last week because he perfectly summed up Annie’s clothing choices: “She brings the fashion in her own, special way… that you can easily buy for yourself at Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters/Aritzia. Florals? You betcha! Pattern that borders on mod-retro? Of course! Evening wear that doesn’t complement your daytime style at all. Well, obviously.” 

This week the mod-retro pattern is the aforementinoed Fair Isle sweater, and the floral is on a maxi dress. Wait until the end of the post and you will what we mean about the eveningwear. Anthony could not have been more dead on. 


This scene really disturbed me. Annie finally realizes her new occupation is more of a hooker and less of a student. Her whole “I’m-just-waking-up-and-will-pretend-to-still-be-incoherent” is weird in and of itself, but then I kept thinking how cute the bedding is that she’s laying in. I wonder if I can find me that at Ikea?


Adriana looks positively frumpy. I never would have thought a former superstar song-stealing waitress would wear something so unflattering. Her cute little sundresses defintiely need to make some reappearances. 


Last week, Anthony mentioned something about Dixon becoming a bear. Now I’m not familiar with the terminology, but if Dixon’s hair keeps growing out at the pace he’s at, he will be looking like a grizzly for sure. 


We didn’t get to see Ivy last week, and I didn’t realize how much I missed her until I see her in these fabulous bohemian outfits. No one, absolutely no one, can pull off wide-leg flare pants and a midriff showing shirt combined with the amount of jewelry she has piled on. Don’t even get me started on her rings!! I need to find those ASAP. 


How cute is Raj? He looks so suave and mature in his button-down and glass of scotch. Ok, well it’s probably not scotch, but we can pretend that it is because he looks so debonair for a guy waiting to hear if he is dying or not. 


I am utterly obsessed with Ivy’s photography teacher. How could you stop going to class when your teacher looked like this?? A little messy but mostly cute AND Ivy is going to be going to New Guinea with him? We all know what that means…


Of course Naomi is impeccably dressed for every occasion of the day. Those high-waisted pants are a little too high-waisted but if anyone can pull them it is Naomi Clark. 


A simple shirtdress and boots is finally the kind of normal outfit a college student might wear. But did you see the large decanter of wine in front of her? I love that she’s playing charades with her dorky sorority sister and drinking red wine. I’ve been to college. I know what goes down. Substitute that for a fruity wine cooler and I’d award authenticity points, Mr. Prop Master.


The lovefest for Silver lives on for another day. She’s casual but cool and accessorizes perfectly. The bug (bird?) necklaces is a cool touch and again…rings. Ugh. No words can even describe. What jewelry shop are these costume designers shopping at??


And this is where the lovefest stops. Maybe it is just the combination of weirdly-shaped dress and bulky shapeless jacket, but this is the campaign outfit for a 70-year-old. Look at Marissa. Tailored and sharp–that is what you wear to win a political office. 


And now, here is Annie’s eveningwear choice that is nowhere near her daily style. I guess she has to look a little more mature for her “dates”. And Silver’s lovefest has returned. Do I even have to describe why I love her dress and accessories? 


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