Episode Synopsis: Sue’s campaign has gone dirty, with smear tactics declaring plain lies about Burt Hummel and his wife/Finn’s Mom (her name escapes me… Carol?). Kurt and Rachel still aren’t talking because Rachel is still trying to be class president. Puck is throwing himself at Shelby, but she refuses to cross the line of teacher-student relations. Puck comes clean about Quinn’s plot to get Beth back, and Shelby calls her out and bans her from the Treble Tones. Santana is lashing out at everybody pretty viciously, and her word-vomit insults cause Finn to fire back about Santana’s still secretive sexuality. Big problem, because now another political candidate is using this overheard info to smear Sue as harboring homosexuality both in herself and in her students. Will and Shelby stage a “mash off” in which the two glee clubs channel their competitive feelings into positive expression. Finn leads the New Directions in a tribute to Hall & Oates, complete with devastating 80’s wear, and Mercedes and Santana lead the Treble Tones in a tribute to Our Holy Mother Of Angst and Soul –  Adele. Aaaaandthat’swhatyoumissedonGLEE!


I wanna start by giving Blane a big shout out. He looks great pretty much all the time but this Newsies inspired outfit is just magnificent. Well done, sir.




And a brief golf clap for Finn’s only remotely attractive outfit in this entire episode. I thought we had graduated to grown up clothes, Finn. This outfit is deceptively decent. I like the colors for him a lot. It’s subdued but more mature than his other wardrobe combos.


Ladies and gentlemen… Kurt Hummel for Class President. White Docs somehow make this outfit both playful and fashionable. The suit is tailored but modern and I like that Kurt went for a more unified, subdued approach for his appearance at the debate for class presidency. He looks snazzy.



I debated about whether to thumbs-up or thumbs-down this outfit of Kurt’s. The equestrian riding helmet makes it a considerable fraction too far into the realm of theatrics, but I kind of like that sometimes. Sometimes being the operative term. I put this one in our thumbs-up category just for the sake of argument and to show how fickle my taste for Kurt’s fashions can be (see the second post for more on that subject).


Our diva is growing up! She looks older here to me. Her hair is great, her jewelry isn’t over the top, and her animal print shirt is cute with the vest!


…and what’s this I see? A slightly-above-the-knee pencil skirt? And glamazon heels?! Girrrrrrl you got that goin’ on! I’m so glad to see Mercedes feeling better and more confident about herself. She’s earned it.


Quinn debuts a lovely pink floral shirtdress — it looks kind of vintage, and I love it! — and a sweet little twist in her hair at the announcement of the mash off. I love pink on her, surprisingly, and the cut of the dress is really flattering.


Definitely gonna try to emulate that twist this weekend. So cute! I’m also a huge fan of her haircut in general. Her long hair was lovely, but the shorter hair is more mature and totally flattering.


Love the light blue and the white ruffle front shirt… or is it another shirt dress? I love ruffles, so it’s not a huge concern for me. I love this outfit. I like that she can go wavy or straight with her hair, but in this scene it seems a teensy bit flat. Shake it out, Q!


Anthro alert! Did Quinn go to Anthropologie, buy this outfit, and show up at Shelby’s immediately thereafter? Possibly. I adore that coat, from the pattern to the lapels to the laced-up corset back. It’s such a cute trench for Quinn. Also the lacy ivory top peeking out is very Q.


Shout out to the Leprechaun — sorry, to Rory, everyone’s favorite gullible Irish exchange student. He’s rocking some black and white wingtip shoes to go with his bowling shirt… and his seemingly natural pompadour hairstyle ties it all together with a very Greased Lightning sorta feel. I dig!


Okay so I confess I really despise Sugar as a character and I’m glad she barely spoke this episode, because her voice makes me want to swab out my ears and brain with an oversized Q-Tip… but I need to discuss this outfit we saw her in.

My first thought was “gypsy.” My second thought was “1970’s Barbra Streisand Gypsy?” and then I had to pause and reassess the situation. I like the high wasited camel pants. I like the belt and the top. I like the overall cholors. I like the head scarf, but it almost feels too much. I’m torn between thinking it’s way too crazy and absolutely loving it. I’m filing it under “brava” because it was unexpected from her and I like the overall feel of the outfit. What do you think??


Shout out to Mr. Schue’s good outfit of the week, which includes a gray surplus jacket and a horizontal striped tie… thinking outside the box! Monochramatic? Yes. But I like it. Good work, Will!


This girl looks ferosh every single day and she doesn’t apologize for it, even in standard McKinley High School gym duds. I can totally respect that.


I can also respect this minimal makeup, gorgeous-but-simple hair, and incredible Kate Spade LBD she rocks during the angst-ridden, lady-power Adele mash up.

Holy crap, Santana. Talk about completely gorgeous.


Miss Berry starts off the episode in a mediocre yellow dress… I’m more concerned about what those shoes are. I’m sorta into the ankle socks thing, but what are those shoes? They’re like… nude… but not really… are they mules? Are they slingbacks? Are they flats? I just cannot tell. I’m uncomfortable about it.


This outfit is really sweet. Simple and understated but I love the dress with the red polka dots and little Peter Pan collar… and the white socks with red shoes make me squee and think of “The Wizard of Oz.” Cute!


Another set of polka dots, but with that white boatneck and white cuffs it was less of “Wizard of Oz” and more of “An Affair to Remember” or “That Touch of Mink.” So vintage, so romantic, especially for the budding starlet that Rachel thinks herself to be. Again, however, I’m confused about the shoes. Are they flats? Are they skimmers? Are they slippers? What’s happening here?


Rachel’s presidential debate dress has kind of a houndstooth thing happening… but with rose red instead of white against the black. I like the top sheer panel too. Yet AGAIN, what are those shoes? She should have paired this with black pumps and no socks, or some kind of professional heeled bootie instead of these boring black flats. The white stockings really are kind of an eyesore, and do nothing but take away from the effect of the dress.

Rachel, you draw a fine, fine line between brava and bonkers, and I’m pretty sure you know it.