This week in the Girl Crush screening room – someone finally has a crush on our New Girl Jess! 

This week’s episode:
New Girl – “Thanksgiving”

 Thanksgiving is upon us and Jess is helping out with the Thanksgiving pageant. Where I come from, stage hands typically dressed in all black, but leave it to Jess to be dressed as a giant turkey. Justin Long guest stars as Paul the pageant director, who also enjoys being discreet with his backstage attire.


It’s not long before Paul cuts to the chase to see if Jess is single and ready to mingle. Obviously Jess is digging what this squash is throwing down, because she invites him over to the guys place for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Since the guys typically celebrate “Dudesgiving” Jess has to dangle Cece over their heads to convince them to comply and begs them to be on their best behavior. Cece shows her beautiful face in a simple but sassy number. No wonder Schmidt is drooling over her all the time!” alt=”” />


Jess decides to help Schmidt cook the turkey in what I initially thought was a t-shirt and high waisted skirt, but thankfully it was actually an apron. But still, Jess, know the rules. When you have a guy coming over for dinner you cook in your Sunday best. You never know when a man’s punctuality will bite you in the butt!!


Anyway Paul shows up early (obviously) and in mere seconds these two are singing songs and being weirdos and we know they are meant to be. Le sigh.


Jess has to dart off to compose herself. She was holding a curling iron, so I had high hopes that she would make a comeback from the cooking ensemble, but instead she appears to have walked into her wardrobe circa 1984. We know Jess is capable of looking like a knockout, but she has chosen frizzy hair, bows, and brightly coloured frocks to woo her new man. The dress on it’s own is actually really cute but it’s the hair/bow combo that’s sending her back in time.


Outfits are the least of this crew’s thanksgiving worries. Cece admits to having a thing for angry Schmidt, Paul overhears Jess shouting about how she wants to “Do it with Paul big time!!”, the turkey catches on fire in the dryer and they find an old lady dead in her bathroom on the toilet. 

Despite everything going absolutely wrong, Paul let’s Jess know he’d like to see her again and then they sing a Thanksgiving song and skip and dance around. If your heart didn’t melt you may need to see a physician immediately. 

So what do you think? Are Cece and Schmidt finally going to hook up? And will Paul the Squash come back to secure his place in Jess’s heart?