Tonight on THE BEST SHOW EVER: Emily left Real Emily at Nolan’s house, where she put on one of the guest bikinis and proceeded to seduce every man in sight. (Oh, and Frank is officially TOTALLY DEAD – the first official fatality on this show) Meanwhile, Victoria EVILLY lets the newly-conscious Lydia move into her house (BFFs 4-eva!). Daniel accepts his father’s job (dialling Tyler’s crazy up to RED ALERT), then tells off Queen V and moves in with Emily! And Real Emily pretends to flee town, but totally sticks around to introduce Jack to a drink called the Black Dahlia… the ingredients are apparently Noxzema, sex, and EVIL.

Emily’s Target
Emily’s too busy sorting out the whole fleeing-murderous-fugitive stuff to wreak her own REVENGE (!!) on anyone, sadly. The RED SHARPIE OF DOOM had better make an appearance next week, because with so many REVENGE-less weeks, I think Emily’s going into withdrawal. At least the SHARPIE OF DOOM is.

Gala of the Week
This was the first episode without a giant social event that goes totally awry. Instead we had a two-person pool party gone awry (when Nolan spotted the blood on Real Emily’s coat), and teen seduction gone awry (when Charlotte arrived in tears about her parents).

Best Dressed 
The Murder Stripper takes best-dressed again! All of the other outfits all blended into a pile of meh compared to Real Emily’s classic red bikini. Interesting she shows more skin at the pool than she did in the strip club.

Most Soapy Moment
Um… THE CATFIGHT IN THE JUVENILE DETENTION FACILITY? All it was missing was somebody pulling off somebody’s wig (and with Emily’s crazy black hair wig, don’t try and tell me that wasn’t a possibility)

Following the episode, there was a YKYLF staff catfight and, while Anthony, Kate and Matt did their best, L-A came out on top. She’ll bring the goods for you with a full recap on Friday!