Puck’s hot for teacher – literally – while Sue is back with some negative political ads. Mr. Schue and Shelby think the two glee clubs will settle their differences with song, but Finn and Santana prefer the dodgeball method. Finn goes for a low blow and outs Santana. Friendless Rachel drops out of the race to support Kurt, and Quinn’s plan to get her baby back continues to suck.

Song of the Night: I knew it before the show even started…that Adele mashup killed it.

Brittany Bon Mots: “Is this what having a stroke is like? Because I like it.”

How Sue Sees It: “Do we want another politician married to a pack animal?”

Outfit of the Week: Rachel’s polka dot dress was adorbs. It’s too bad she has to wear it with white ankle socks and ugly black shoes. So it’s going to some of those awesome little black dresses on the Troubletones.

Worst Outfit of the Week: You’d think it’d be hard to beat out some Hall and Oates styles, but oh Kurt, when Sue said “Have a seat Yassir”, she wasn’t complimenting your turban and  giant scarves.

Tracksuit count: 6

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