This episode was pretty much the Rachel and Blaine show, which I normally wouldn’t complain too much about, but this week there was too much bad(da) and not enough bing.  

Please answer me this, why does no one at McKinley ever dress appropriately for the season we are in?  Seriously, they’re in Ohio and we’re on the verge of winter.  Why is Rachel wearing a bright yellow summer dress?  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the color it looks great on her as does the dress, but it’s so not appropriate for the season!  And Blaine, just because you’re at McKinley now does not mean that you have to start dressing like Schue.  Yes, you look a lot better in the sweater vest than Schue does, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. 


The hills are alive with the sound of music…


Yes, Rachel, this is what happens when you let Artie pick out your clothes.


OK, will you totally judge me if I say that I think this is so hideous it’s actually kind of cute?  I’d probably judge me.  Humor me.  I would never wear this out in public, but Rachel can actually pull it off quite well.


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.  Gosh I wish the good witch of McKinley (Emma) could make those shoes go home.


This dress looks like Rachel pulled it off one of her dollies from home.  If Rachel is highly considering going off to college next year, she needs to learn to stop dressing like she’s in kindergarten.


I went back and forth on Rachel’s ‘get lucky’ dress.  But in the end I decided I really liked the material and was a big fan of the black lace on the collar.  It obviously fits her well (because lets be honest, what doesn’t look good on Lea Michele) and the color is flattering.  Too bad it didn’t bring her much luck.


I think it’s because the dress was longer than the Nile and she had those unfortunate white knee highs on. 



Little Red Riding Hood?  Why does she insist on wearing white socks with her ballet flats?  Why?!  There is nothing I like about this outfit.  Rachel darling, you’re lucky Finn has such a poor fashion sense or else you wouldn’t be getting so lucky.


Me-ow, easy tiger!  How many cats did Kurt have to skin for this outfit?  I really wish Blaine would have tried to rip off all Kurt’s clothes. 


I actually think if he just would have went with the tie I would have really liked it, but since he paired it with five other different felines, my eyes are on overload.


Thank goodness he decided to change into this much more acceptable ensemble before going to the gay bar.  Even in that surrounding I think he would have been made into kitty litter with his previous outfit.


I don’t think I hate the maroon pants and henley t-shirt look here, but I definitely don’t love it.  And he looks a lot like Greg Brady, which I don’t think is a positive, as much as I love the Brady family.


Um excuse me Blaine, what happened to the rest of your pants?  And are you auditioning for the new Mr. Rogers?


No, really.  What happened to the rest of your pants?  Is Ohio also a major flood zone?  Is that why you’ve had your hems snatched on all your pants?


Aside from the too-short pants, I’m digging this disheveled look Blaine’s got going on.  He looks rugged and sexy, even if he is a Schuester in training.


Let’s play a game.  Can you please identify this Glee character by only looking at his or her legs? 

Where are the rest of your pants?!  You’re making me shake my fists at the fashion gods.  How can they let something like this be allowed in public?! 


If you guessed Blaine, you are correct.  He does look super cute though, almost enough to forgive and forget.  I said almost.


Ah… it looks like a 96 pack of crayons threw up onto an innocent pile of yarn.  That poor, unfortunate yarn, it had no idea what was to become of its fate.  Such a waste of material.  In this economy we just can’t stand to waste precious material on such monstrosities as this.  We should start a campaign for an end to wasting material on such ugly sweaters that even a fashion-less grandpa wouldn’t be caught dead in. 



I love Emma’s outfit here, from her white and black polka dotted scarf all the way down to her t-strap pumps.  Not even Artie’s throw-up sweater can distract me from Emma’s A+ outfit.


I must say, Mike cleans up very nicely.  I’m so glad he decided to go against his dad’s wishes and follow his passion.  Quinn and Brittany actually don’t look half bad in their costumes, and I like the red lipstick on both of them.


If Quinn wore her hair curly like this all the time, I would like it short a lot more.  As for Brittany, she needs to start wearing her hair down more often.  And I actually like her light blue dress.  I don’t think I’d find myself wearing it to any parties any time soon, but I wouldn’t trash it if someone else showed up at the party wearing it. 

Or at least, I wouldn’t trash it within ear shot.