Episode Synopsis:  Love and love really is in the air this week at McKinley.  Everyone’s either thinking about it, singing about it, or dare we say…doing it?  Oh, we dare!  With the school production of West Side Story looming, Rachel and Blaine are forced to do something about their lacking “passions”.  Rachel acts like her usual self and puts her ambition in front of her relationship, while Blaine and Kurt get into a small tiff thanks to Blaine’s not so secret admirer, Sebastian (who, for the record, I so do not like).  But all’s well that ends well and not only is the play a hit, but our two power couples knock it out of the park as well (wink, wink).  It looks like Coach Bieste also found love this week with Hottie McHottie, Cooter.  How sweet!  Also sweet, no sight of Schuester’s ooglay sweater vests, or Sue’s track suits.  And that’s what you missed on Glee!


This week’s episode left me extremely underwhelmed.  There was hardly any singing, Brittany-isms were lacking, AND there were maybe three good outfits.  And when there were about a million different choices to pick from, that is pretty darn sad.

Quinn, I feel as sad as you look because this is the only outfit we saw you in this week (the play costume, while cute, doesn’t count).  I think the reason for this is because you continue to chose to wear those god awful boots.  Don’t think you slipped under the radar this week, I can see the tops of them peeking out from under the desk.  Regardless, I still love your butterfly dress with shrug.  The dress fits you like perfection, your hair is still cute and sassy, and even though you’re frowning, you still look pretty.  Now, just get rid of the boots!


This was my favorite outfit of Rachel’s.  It’s unfortunate she didn’t come out from behind the desk.  She’s totes channeling Madeleine, the little Parisian girl who is always getting into trouble.  I love this grey dress with red buttons and matching red beret.  And her bangs don’t even look half bad.  Très chic!


I also really think that I would like this outfit a lot if only I could see the whole thing.  But I’m digging the colors and the pattern. 


Work it girl, work it!  Santana definitely has the va-va-voom factor.  Smokin’ hot in this red dress, and look how well it twirls!  I would so love to play dress up and dance around my room in that!  Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m digging the hair. I get it’s the style for her character, but I think they could have made it a little more flattering.


But here, Santana’s hair looks lovely while still being period-appropriate.  Rachel also has great locks, although I absolutely hate her dress and those hideous stockings…but the hair!  It’s enough to make me forget about the dress.  Kind of.  OK, no, not enough. 


Santana and Puck are so stinking hot, they just need to go make babies and the make the world a more beautiful place.  Really.  Go.  Now.

Puck always looks yum, but with this black suit and red shirt he looks so spiffy I didn’t even notice how atrocious his accent was.  He just made my heart go a flutter and my knees go weak.


Ahhh!  I don’t know what’s worse: Tina trying to wear color, or Tina dressing like Wednesday Addams.  Both are just so equivocally wrong.  Her wardrobe should never be presented to society.  And my biggest question is, what is up with her collars?  Does she just have one oversized white collar that she wears as a necklace with every single dress or shirt she owns?  I’m so sorry that I have to be showing you this, but just think of it as a lesson in what not to wear. 


OK but whoa, look at this!  Tina’s hair is gorge!  The perfect curl, the rose by her ear!  I LOVE it!  She looks so pretty!  Do I have enough exclamation points?  I just can’t get over that I am actually excited by something Tina is wearing! Must dispatch more exclamation points!  !!!!!!!


All I have to say is, thank god for Emma.  In a school where no one knows when to take off their construction boots, or dress for the appropriate season, or not wear the same argyle sweater vest every day, Emma is able to provide some pep and fashion savvy-ness.  Thank.  The.  Lord she has yet to be influenced by everyone else’s poor sartorial choices.  Here she is absolutely blossoming in this floral print dress.  The colors are great on her and it fits her perfectly. 


Blaine looks like he just walked out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue here.  I love it.  Though it does look a little too similar to his Dalton Academy uniform.  Is he perhaps having second thoughts about leaving? 


Of course he’s not, because he has Kurt and the two of them make everyone else look like the scum between Alfalfa’s toes.  Honestly, they are just so swoon-worthy from the way they dress to how perfect they are for each other.  Le sigh.


Hands down one of my favorite outfits this week.  Maybe even my favorite outfit.  Kurt looks so sophisticated, so chic, so absolutely awesome!  I am in love with his jeans, and the vest and white shirt combo.  Oh Kurt, pretty please with a cherry on top, can we be best friends?


You know, not only can these guys sing and dance until the cows come home, but they also look pretty sharp!  Work it, boys!