Back with another installment of the Teen Stars We Loved Screening Room, this week with some major identity dramz.

This weeks epsiodes:
Hart of Dixie: “The Undead & The Unsaid”
Ringer: “Maybe We Could Get a Dog Instead?” 


We’ll kick things off in Bluebell Alabama…

This week Hart of Dixie tackled the topic usually not addressed until shows are desperate for material: Ghosts.

 Zoe comes home late after delivering a baby (yet still looking adorable) and runs over a guy in Lavon’s Navigator. She hops out of the car only to see that there isn’t a soul in sight. She is quickly set straight after learning the guy she hit has been dead for over a year. I call shenanegans. This is primetime TV. He is so not dead!

Zoe then enlists Hot Neighbour Wade to be her bodyguard that will protect her from the ghost, and she also has her trusty doctor bag with her. This way the ghost will know she is not just another snooty doctor from Manhattan. She is a serious woman.

That outfit certainly screams the same. Most doctors I know wear short shorts and blazers to work. Easier to clean off at the end of the day, I suppose.


Meanwhile on the other side of town the Breeland girls are in quite the situation. Along with having the strangest names in history AND being stuck in a time warp, little Magnolia has started dressing “inappropriately” and getting into the booze. Look at that dress and cardigan. Isn’t it the colour incredibly flattering on this Southern Belle? Doesn’t it scream “This is a child going down the wrong path!”? 


Zoe continues to lose sleep over the ghost man. Obviously it’s impacting her judgement because she’s prancing around town in rolled up jeans with ankle high boots. Ok, so the top half of her outfit is fab. The bottom half is fit for the pit.


As I predicted, dead guy was very much alive, and Zoe convinced him to return to reality. After a shot of bourbon and a slap on the butt, Zoe and Wade end their day with some serious batting of the eyes. There better be some making out next epp! And sober!


And now for Ringer…

Finally. I feel like we are making some progress with this show. As much as I love Ringer it was reminiscent of an early 90’s soap where the plot drags on and on yet the children age at a remarkably rapid pace. 

 Bridg-as-Shiv goes in for an ultrasound only to “discover” her empty womb. She got off easy on this one, but I’d like to know when Sibohan-as-Cora returns more pregnant than Michelle Duggar? I’ll be marking that event on my calendar.

The post “miscarriage” day for Bridget-as-Sibohan has her pretty stressed and she starts to have flash backs from her addict days. I must say, Bridget was an exceptionally well dressed addict with fantastic hair.


Running from the police is oh so stylish. Despite being strung out, Malcolm looks casually sharp in his hoodie and shirt combo. Bridget-as-Sibohan is looking exceptionally sleuth like in her get up. Her hair never fails to impress either. And yes, I have hair envy. Blame that on my thin-haired genes!


Juliette has come around big time. She’s seemed to sober up and actually felt bad when the “miscarriage” news came out. Her heart has also grown to include room for her teacher. He’s sluffed her for now but I can see this taking a turn for the worst.

Not only are her outfits too hot for school the girl has a killer Birkin bag. It’s really only a matter of time… 

We made some big progress tonight. Bridget-as-Sibohan and Sibohan-as-Cora have finally seemed to connect the dots and figure out that each other may in fact exist and there is some trickery going on. I cannot wait for next week to see the fur fly!


Now tell me what you thought…