In this week’s Girl Crush SR, we learn that Jess’ roommates are sort of losers and her bestie is sort of a floozie…why is she friends with these people again? Oh wait, what am I saying: Jess picked up her friend at a nightclub in her PJ’s – they are all perfect for each other.

This week’s episode:
New Girl – “Cece Crashes”


The episode starts off with Jess picking up Cece at a nightclub where she is arguing with her latest boy-toy about the fact that he made out with some other girl (Ce-girl – the guy has a star tattoo all over his face! Wasn’t that kind of a red flag that he’s unstable?!). I find it quite funny – and brave – that Jess did her best friend duty in her PJ’s. It really takes a girl who is completely confident – or completely oblivious to her own weirdness – to walk through a nightclub dance floor in a heart-print hoodie and striped pink pants.

Speaking of which – can we TALK about the parade of adorable PJ’s on this show? Observe:

Rebecca touched a bit on this in last week’s recap too, so I know I’m not alone in my love. Ok, so they are definitely not sexy, but she lives in an apartment full of men! You can’t just walk around with your lady parts all hanging out! But living in a cavemen’s lair is no excuse to not be stylish. Of course, the jam-jams are still sexy on Cece – she could walk around in a neon green Snuggie and Schmidt would still want to get up on her.


And does hestatic1 ever try his best to make this happen! He even “sheepdogs” her into his bedroom (where she proceeds to fall asleep on his bed), then completes what I can only describe as a triple-sow-cow of crazy – jumping off the wall, rolling around on the floor, and then speed skating out of the living room. Personally, I would give it a 10 – that is if we are talking about the Chihuahua Impersonation scale (not the Sexiness Scale).

Now that didn’t work too well for him (SHOCKING, I know!), so then he decided to try dressing as a geisha:

That manly leg-crossing is really helping your game, bro. And the old man slippers from Sears, too. When Winston makes fun of him, Schmidt gets mad at Winston for “insulting thousands of years of Samurai culture” but in my opinion him wearing the ‘mono is the biggest insult of all. Schmidt certainly has no problem letting HIS lady parts hanging out.


I think I might actually prefer Winston’s self-made papertowel and toilet paper ensemble. Very avant-garde. Very McQueen.


Meanwhile, Jess becomes convinced that Nick has feelings for her (thanks to Cece, the drunk) and starts to act all weird and spazzy around him. Ok…more weird and spazzy than usual. They have a bit of a moment in the drugstore when Jess runs circles around him watching the direction of his feet since (again, according to Cece the drunk) apparently if his feet are pointing towards her it means he has feelings for her (which reminds me, I should check the placement of my boy’s feet next time he comes over). At least she is completely freaking her roommate out in a super-cute outfit:

I LOVE these polka-dot shorts. Although they are similar to the navy/white polkadot skirt she wore last week – a little variety in prints might be nice, New Girl wardrobe people! I also love her black leather studded purse – perfect for a quick drugstore/mind trip with your roommate on a Saturday morning (at least I am assuming it’s Saturday since no one is at work – man, I wish life could be like a tv show like this or Friends where everyone has jobs but no one ever actually goes to said jobs. Sigh, maybe someday).

On a general note, I want to cut all the hair off Zooey’s head and make a wig out of it and wear it myself over my much-less curly, bouncy and shiny locks (correction: not curly or bouncy AT ALL). And if you think that statement is creepy, you should go back and listen to Schmidt’s statement about wanting to stick his arm down Cece’s breasts “127 Hours-style”. Thanks for that lovely mental image, Samurai Schmidt.

In the end, Cece didn’t get with anyone, we realized Schmidt has as little game as any male can have, and Nick and Jess resolved the awkwardness…or DID they? Is it just me or did they leave it open for possible exploration in the future? Look, I like Nick – he’s funny and sweet and dresses like a construction worker – but I feel like it would be way too obvious to introduce feelings between two main characters so early in a show. Just because there is a guy and a girl in a show doesn’t mean they NEED to get together, am I right? Or was Harry right and men and women really CAN’T ever be friends? Hmmm, I guess we will find out!

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