To do it or not to do it, that is the question. Artie convinces Rachel and Blaine they should have sex (no, not with each other) if they’re going to convince anyone they’ve got passion. Mike gets disowned for dancing in public. Finn isn’t going to play football for Ohio State (does he even watch football? I don’t and I could have told him the scout wasn’t going to be calling). Kurt and Blaine hit the local gay bar with a new Warbler – who likes to make sexy eyes at Blaine – and run into Karofsky. Coach Bieste finds a man who thinks she’s woman enough for him. And the answer to the big question? Do it.

Song of the Night: Once we got past the horrible accents, I really dug “America”. 

Brittany Bon Mots: I lost my virginity at cheerleader camp. He climbed in my tent. Alien invasion.”

Melodramatic Rachel Solo: Her half of ‘Tonight’. The song just didn’t fit her vocal range. 

Outfit of the Week:
I would give it to Quinn for her butterfly print dress, but I’m sure she ruined it with ugly boots. So it goes to Kurt for all his layers, like a leopard print cardigan with a leopard print tie. Or maybe Blaine for being over the top preppy. Loafers with plaid flood pants and a cardigan and bowtie? 

Worst Outfit of the Week: While Rachel dresses like the 60s in all the wrong ways, it’s Tina’s retro inspiration that’s killing me. I like her in colour, but enough with the polyester and those collars already!

Tracksuit count: 0

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