Queen B returns when Blair makes former minions (and Chivy) compete for the coveted role of bridesmaid. It is, as one might expect, amazing and far too brief. Chivy wins the competition after she sabotages the other girls and wins the final competition – getting a kiss from Nate. Serena’s boss gets S to convince Dan to back out of writing the screenplay, only to reveal that she has Aaron Sorkin lined up to “Zuckerberg” Dan, a la The Social Network. And, of course, Louis’s underhanded dealings with Chuck’s psychiatrist come to light, and Chuck makes good with Blair. 

Party du Jour
The official launch party NY Spectator, aka the plotline I continue to not care about.

Best Line
Jane, re: Dan’s Inside alter-ego: “We’re gonna Zuckerberg him.”

Best Outfit
Blair’s orange party dress would have taken the title if it had been slightly more tailored – B, it is possible to have a dress be loose but shapely. By default, the best outfit of the night was yet another suit from Chuck. Ordinary people might wear sweats to the dog park; Chuck wears a dark grey suit, fuscia striped shirt, and fuscia tie.

Blair’s Bridesmaid Olympics outfit was bizarre. Is she trying to hide her pregnancy by distracting everyone using hip drapings and tiny yellow hats? Because it’s kind of working.

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