Episode Synopsis: Sue gets the musical cancelled, but then Burt uncancels it and announces he’s running against Sue. Quinn’s trying to get her baby back, so she plants incriminating evidence around Shelby’s house and calls CPS. Puck has a change of heart and removes it all, then kisses Shelby because he thinks this is the mid-90s and he’s on Dawson’s Creek. Mercedes is leading a mass-defection from New Directions, starting with Santana and Britney (who are dating, btw). Britney thinks that the new Irish kid is a leprechaun, until Finn calls her an idiot – a move that, along with a leprechaun wish from Santana, ultimately leads to her defection to the Trouble Tones. And that’s what you missed on Glee!


I have absolutely no idea how many days this show covered. If we’re going by logic, only a couple days. If we’re going by costume changes, it was about a week and a half.

The worst offender of rampant costume changes was Quinn.

This is not one of Quinn’s better moments, fashion-wise or character-wise. The top is cute and makes her waist look tiny, but the flare at the bottom and the big skirt make her look pear-shaped, which she is decidedly not. Her babysitting dress is a decided improvement.


It’s a little Von Trapp, but Quinn uses her wardrobe to play dress-up. This is her “I’m totally a nurturing mother figure” dress.


Such an adorable dress. If only we’d seen it for more than 45 seconds. She plots in a classroom in this dress, then changes into a different outfit for the “Last Friday Night” number.


This might be my favorite of Quinn’s outfit. The graphic skirt’s so cute, the hair is sassy, and I like the fact that there’s no lace or florals happening here. But, as always with Quinn these days, there’s a catch: her footwear.

Wedge oxfords, Quinn? Why? Why not a cute nude wedge? Why do you insist on wearing heavy, clunky shoes? I guess we should be grateful that she’s not wearing the dreaded lumberjack boots anymore, but when an outfit is this cute, it’s a shame to ruin it with poor footwear.


And then we’re back to the florals and pastels. Not terrible, but not inspired either. I’ve also cropped this shot to spare you from seeing the clunky shoes again, which are even more offensive with this dress.


Her partner in crime Puck doesn’t make many fashion choices that are noteworthy, but he’s definitely sporting some bad idea jeans throughout the episode. Even before he kisses Shelby, he’s making questionable choices – most notably with his trademark mohawk.

When did his mohawk become a comb-over?

And worse, when did it become a mullet? Oh Puck, how far you’ve fallen. From resident badass to Quinn’s whipped accomplice. What did Lauren do to you?


Apparently, leaving New Directions has given Mercedes plenty of time to go shopping.

In case you haven’t picked up on her full diva-ness, check out the lioness necklace.


I’m happy to see her out of the technicolor hoodies and into something a little more not hideous.


I’d love to see her in more tops like this or the purple one. It’s time to let her move past the off the shoulder graphic tees and into something a little more worthy of a woman with a voice like hers.

Or we can just put her in vests made of carpeting. That works too.


With all these costume changes, I’m very disappointed that Britney and Santana are back in their Cheerios uniforms. Can you imagine all the hats Britney would wear? Unfortunately, the only costume change we get from them is into another costume.

Granted, it’s a pretty great costume, but I do mourn for all the street clothes we could have seen. I love how well this costume looks on all three girls, even with their different body types. I have to ask, though: how does Shelby get a costume budget like this?


I bet you’ve been on the edge of your seat, waiting for your first glimpse of a real leprechaun. Here you go.


In case you missed the fact that he’s Irish, he’s going to wear nothing but green all episode.


Oh, and he wears suspenders.

Yeah, this is a kid just desperate to fit in.


It’s worth noting that the guys who torment him aren’t much better.

Ponytail and the mullet twins are pretty tragic (and, for that matter, straight from an 80s movie). What happened to our truly fearsome bullies from last season?


They were vanquished by the one known only as Porcelain.

Kurt’s wearing a lot of hats this episode, having taken a turn for the equestrian this season. I love the little detailing on this lapel – if there’s one thing that you can always count on Kurt to bring, it’s an attention to detail and accessories.


I am not as much a fan of this shirt with what appears to be a built in neckerchief. It’s just a little too narrow and wimpy. If you’re going to go with a scarf, go big or go home.


Yeah. Like this.


I love this shot so much. Finn’s wearing what is probably his nicest polo, while Kurt is wearing a shirt covered in horsies, because that’s what you wear to Breadstix if you’re the sartorial equivalent of the honey badger. He’ll wear a shirt covered in ponies. Kurt Hummel don’t care.