Welcome to another edition of our Scotch-Soaked 60s Screening Room where we’ll discuss fabulous 60s fashion, not-so-fabulous 60s fashion, and why Colette should be given more screentime.


This week’s episode:
Pan Am – The Genuine Article

This week on The Amazing Race Pan Am, the girls (minus Kate) are in Rio, where Maggie and Laura find themselves in trouble with the law, adding to Maggie’s long list of troubles. The top of that list? Getting herself out of trouble after back-talking to the no-nonsense, one-expression Ms Havemeyer. The solution? Rat out Dean and Ginny (who has a fur collection like no other), just when things were getting serious between the two. Speaking of serious, Kate recieves her My First Real Spy Mission – to “turn” the handsome Niko. I’m sure she won’t screw that up. But the focus of the episode is Maggie, whose past is explored through a series of flashbacks in which she coordinates outfits, vies for a job with Pan Am, and sits in on a few World Lit classes.

Remember our writers bemoaning Pan Am’s lack of shirtless guys? Dean remedied that this week (twice), but in all honesty, he should just stick to the pilot’s uniform.


And Dean’s current rebound – I mean, love interest – Ginny has fur for every occasion. A fur coat, fur stole… even a fur collar. PETA would be horrified.


Remember fellow YKYLF staffer Anthony’s In-Flight Safety Guide? I agree with every suggestion, especially the one about Maggie. Girlfriend was clearly the star of this episode, and her confrontation with the Ms. Havemeyer was the perfect opportunity to use Ricci’s remarkable arsenal of bitchfaces.

Instead, we get a contrite Maggie apologizing in a lacy celery green dress that makes her waist look even tinier, but washes her out.


Ms. Havemeyer, however? That bitchface could give Maggie a run for her money.


That is not to say Ms. Ricci doesn’t employ a hilarious expression from her repertoire of, oh, about a thousand.


After the disappointing green dress, we’re met with a deluge of ah-mazing outfits from Maggie. Girl knows how to color coordinate.

The pale blue, white, and pearls? Parfait. In the second, Maggie coordinates her awesome nautical dress with the cancellation slips. Well played. And Collegiate Maggie? Adorable in her lettered sweater and coordinating green pants. The only thing throwing me off is the headscarf of sorts in the last picture.

It reminds me too much of this…

Yech. The bangs, the little white hat, and the sickly purple-and-white uniform…

She is reading one of my favourite books, so I’ll give her that. Either way, she turns into a fabulously well-coordinated woman…

The hat! The gloves! The baguette bag carried ever so casually in the crook of her elbow! Because this is exactly what I would wear to buy stolen goods from a street merchant in Rio. Golf claps, Maggie, you look fabulous.

Laura on the other hand… the dress does nothing for her and bunches up unflatteringly. Cute bag, though.


Our favourite stewardess, Colette, was barely present in this episode, and her simple backless shift was just as nondescript. She did do some fab eyebrow raising during Ginny’s completely, not at all obvious flirting with Dean during the dinner.

I’ve included men in this screencap for a few reasons. To illustrate that 1) Dean should really just stick to the pilot’s uniform. 2) Co-pilot Ted has good taste in ties (a little difficult to make out, but there’s a diamond and spade on his tie, a nice touch). 3) To show the difference between men and men.

Namely, Roger, who could pass as Don Draper’s double.

And Niko, who is adorably charming and knows how to match his hatband to his button-up.

Oh hi, Kate! We didn’t miss you in Rio, although I will say you look marvelous in cream.


While we adore 60s fashion, (the hats, the gloves, the dresses, the bags…), we’ll admit there are some misses.

Such as the photographer’s paisley shirt. My first thought was that it would fit in perfectly with the maroon sweaters Ron Weasley’s mother knits him.


Another miss: high-waisted pants. Especially those of the overly tight, floral variety (they’ve been reincarnated as floral leggings).

Oh dear. What would Ms. Havemeyer say?


And now, what do you say? VOTE!