It’s another Girl Crush Screening Room, which means it’s time for more awkward situations made into laughable moments, wrapped up in 22 minutes. Just like real life!

This week’s episodes:
New Girl – “Naked”


Jess is back!  Did you miss her adorable quirkiness?  Did you miss her beautiful blue eyes?  Perhaps you missed her funny accents.  No matter what you missed (I missed her bangs) she is back, and I for one am very happy.

In the aply titled “Naked”, we are reminded once again that Jess is weird and has no boundries.  She walks in on Nick while he is naked and dancing to regee music (if I had a penny for everytime that happened to me…).  But wait, it gest worse.  She walks in on him and then she LAUGHS.  Oh Jess.  As Schmidt tells her later, you never laugh at a naked man, “espeically Nick. Nick is delicate… like a flower… a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.”  The episode ends with Nick getting to see Jess’s “gumbo pot”. I think Nick got the better end of this deal.

When we first open, Jess is about to ruin guys’ night be suggesting they watch Fame instead of the horror movie they’re enjoying.  What I enjoyed was Jess’s PJs.  Hearts and pigtails?  Adoraballs.  If I had the hair/eyes/cheekbones to pull that off without looking like a serial killer, I totally would.


Then, of course, the guys leave Jess alone with her thoughts/ramblings, and we cut to Jess in a patterned dress.  Again, I would look like a 3rd grader with a dark side in this dress, but Jess pulls it off.  You gotta hand it to the quirky girl who loves to sing.  I’m also digging the hair.  It almost looks like a ’90s prom updo, but with some hipster style.  Maybe it’s the glasses.  p.s. This is before Jess sees the “peen”.


And this is after.  Of course only Jess would walk in on a naked man as cutely dressed as this.  Ruffled shirt, polka dot skirt, the girl is bringing it.  Poor Nick’s penis obviously wasn’t, but still.  Gotta hand it to her for being adorable.  Plus the hair looks so luxurious, I want to make it into a throw for cold winter nights.  So Jess chases Nick to apologize for laughing at his junk.  It’s a good thing she was wearing pink ballet flats instead of heels, as she had to run after him for quite awhile.


We haven’t much focused on the men’s clothes becuase frankly, they aren’t as patterned so they don’t really deserve any credit.  However, Schmidt did sport one outfit that needs to real introduction or commentary.  Just enjoy.


Jess may be crazy, but she’s also hard to stay mad at.  And even Nick forgives her for seeing his “peen” after Jess works up the courage to say the actual word.  Say it with me now…PENIS!  It’s not just a game 7th graders play anymore.  And so Jess apologizes and says that dirty, dirty word while wearing a pair of parrot pajamas that I would also wear.  Why this girl has so many cute pajamas, I do not know.  Maybe because she lives with 3 dudes?  Perhaps that would motivate a girl to get rid of her ratty tee-shirts and fleece pants.  I probably will never find out.

And that’s Jess this week.  We learn she rocks patterns, has terrific sleepwear, and doesn’t like to say the word penis.  What will we learn about Jess next?


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