Here’s what you missed on Glee: a wee Irishman is after Brittany’s lucky charms and doing it under the guise of being a leprachaun who grants her three wishes. Santana is after those same lucky charms and wavers between being insecure over her relationship with Brittany S. Pierce and being a straight up bitch to everyone else. And tricks her lady love into quitting New Directions to join the Troubletones. Shelby may be the better coach, because she whipped those ladies into shape and they are going to be trouble for New Directions. Meanwhile, Kurt’s dad sticks it to Sue by coming up with the funding for the musical (thank jeebus, because none of us needed Rachel to whine about that) and by running against her as a write in candidate. Anyone want to put money on how quickly Will “Campaign Manager” Schuester screws that one up? Meanwhile, in a subplot that doesn’t really go anywhere, Quinn tries to sabotage Shelby as a mom to get her baby back (that is some aces parenting Quinn), which somehow drives Puck to get hot for teacher. And that’s what you missed on Glee. 


Song of the Night: I’m going to give it to the Irish pomadour over there for singing “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green.” I had no idea that song was about Irish nationalism.  

Brittany Bon Mots: How do I decide? It’s between “Last week when we took a bath together, wasn’t that a date?” and “That sour patch kids are just gummy bears that turned to drugs?” 

How Sue Sees It: “I will Temple of Doom my fist through your chest and pull out your still-beating artificial heart.” 

Melodramatic Rachel Unexplained and slightly ridiculous Solo: I’m still not sure why Blaine broke out into “Last Friday Night”. Not saying it was bad, just saying it was weird. Is it because he’s in the Katy Perry video with Artie? Are we sure this couldn’t have been fit in more naturally? 

Outfit of the Week: Pompadour wins it again! If only because the wee man had to wear green the entire episode to remind us he’s Irish and we should feel bad for him (not about being Irish, but about some of those shirts they made him wear). Actually, I’m giving best outfits to the nautical costumes for the Troubletones rehearsal (I love me some nautical). Or Kurt’s blouse that possibly had ponies on it and was accessorized by a bitchface. That’s always a winner in my books.

Tracksuit count: 3


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