With Bart’s death, there’s naturally a run on the closely guarded information he’d collected about his family.  Lily wants everything he learned to stay secret, while her mother seems eager for her “big secret” to become public knowledge.

Maybe it’s Lily’s frustration that leads to this pathetic attempt at post-funeral chic.

The cranberry red is lovely, as is her hair, but the cut is just sloppy and unflattering.

Unlike the object of his affection, Rufus actually looks pretty good in his sweater.

Rufus should dress like this all the time–the turtleneck sweater is well-fitted and classic, but the jeans add just the right edgy rock n’ roll touch.

Cece, always the fashion maven even at her age, looks so chic in this oatmeal embellished jacket.  Doesn’t Lily know this isn’t what you wear to buy secret information about your daughter’s past?


Chuck, buyer of aforementioned secret information, looks like he not only had time to finalize the deal but also to shower and brush his hair.

The plaid pattern of this suit is awesome, and is a definite return to Chuck Bass form.

Serena continues to be the single most indecisive characters on television by having breakfast with Dan while still contemplating going to Buenos Aires with Aaron.

She also continues to look killer while vacillating.  The black wool military jacket paired with gray scarf is really flattering–and those gray and black colorblocked gloves are drool-worthy.

Maybe Dan isn’t her final choice because he doesn’t put in the proper effort into this brunch attire.  I can’t tell if that’s a plaid scarf or a shirt but in the end it doesn’t matter becasue it’s still plaid.

As for Aaron, well . . .he gets the girl. But really only by default because it can’t be this wedding suit that wins the game for him.

Hasn’t anyone ever told him that if he isn’t going to wear a tie, wearing his shirt buttoned up to his Adam’s apple makes him look like an extra on Fiddler on the Roof?

Especially when Serena looks so gorgeous in her cream-colored ensemble.

Her khaki trench is just flawless, and the cream dress beneath it is even more stunning.

Love the red accent beads, just delicate enough not to overwhelm the outfit, and the sequinned hem adds just the right celebratory touch.

Even Dorota gets into the wedding spirit, wearing this beautiful bejeweled headband and a flattering gold dress with embellished neckline.

I’d be willing to bet that Blair lent her that headband.

Blair herself doesn’t don a headband, but she more than makes up for it with her dress.

The pleated fan touch is definitely beautiful and even though it adds a little bulk to the Queen B’s frame, the cream and gold of the silk sets off her complexion flawlessly.

As for the blissful couple themselves, they definitely do not disappoint.

See Aaron?  A tie is undoubtedly called for here.  So many shades of white and cream could be difficult to coordinate but Cyrus (or Eleanor by extension), really does an excellent job of pairing them.

And Eleanor herself. . .so classy and beautiful and not a shiny fabric in sight.

This jacket is a really beautiful piece.  I don’t buy for a minute that Jenny made it.