Time for another installment of the Teen Stars We Loved Screening Room, where SMG splits in two and Rachel Bilson puts the “ew” in “new doc in town”.


This week’s episodes:
Hart of Dixie:  “Faith & Infidelity”
Ringer: taking a week, which gives us some time to process all the cray-cray.


This week on Dr. Hart, Medicine Woman…

I’ve come to realize how much this show is JUST LIKE MY LIFE. I totally moved from a big (…ish) city to a small (…ish) town, except, instead of a doctor, I’m a librarian. And just like Zoe Hart, I bravely brought my big-city fashion to the smaller town.

Except, I don’t remember ever walking to the hardware store in my jim-jams.

In Zoe’s defence, she woke up to find a giant hole in her window screen so she’s being swarmed with flies. I TOTES UNDERSTAND. That is horrible. But, considering how much she wants to be taken seriously as a doctor, heading to the hardware store in her pajamas and a pair of boots was maybe not the best idea.


Zoe pulls it together for her first day as The Only Doctor In Bluebell (Brick is off doing whatever it is he’s doing), strutting into the office in a pair of shoes that any doctor (or librarian) would wear, am I right?


No way she across the room – let alone to work – in those shoes, but who cares? These shoes are meant to be put on display, and then taken off while you wear flip-flops for the rest of the day. 


Her work outfit is also v. chic, but totally not at all what a doctor should be wearing…or really, anybody who works anywhere there is the chance they might get body fluids on them.

This is ideal for a cocktail party, but maybe not for working as a doctor. I mean, at least put a lab coat on top of it.

Oh, cool, thanks.


So, in order to make more friends in Bluebell, Zoe goes to The Only Beauty Salon In Town and gets a blow-out. Interestingly, she winds up with the exact same hair as her TV predeceasor, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

She also winds up in these high-waisted gold shorts, which we really don’t need to talk about ever again. Let’s call it a fashion experiment that didn’t work out, mmkay?


But whatevs. Dr. Zoe Hart is gorgeous whatever she does. Love this simple silk top, and her boho-twisted ‘do.


Meanwhile, Lemon continues to dress like she is either attending a royal wedding…

Time-travelling back to 1942…

As Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

Or looking around to smack somebody with her Jesus-face fan.

She gets 10 points for the hat, and 10,000 points for the Jesus-face fan. That is commitment to your churchgoing. I wonder if everybody in church gets one, or if she’s the only one with a Jesus fan? And did she make it herself? (We see this week that she’s quite crafty)


Her crafting friends are, apparently, the entire cast of Pan Am:

Oh, wait, sorry. Those are apparently women living in the year 2011. My mistake – that eyeliner application is straight out of the scotch-soaked 60s. When I moved to a small town? The local ladies dressed more like Snooki than like Betty Draper.


Like the Syphilitic Shampoo Girl here, actually:

Oh, honey. In addition to her fashion crimes, she passed syphilis from her navy boyfriend, to the minister’s wife (via the wife’s bellybutton piercing) to the minister himself. You know, that old story.


Anyway, you know what this show has that Pan Am doesn’t? SO MANY HOT GUYS!


Sweaty hot guys! Sweaty hot guys in tanktops! Thank you, show. This is how you get a full-season pick-up, by the way.

So…what’d you think?