Nolan shows Emily the vid of Frank killing Lydia, and Emily decides to use MURDER USB to discredit Frank. Conrad fires Frank, Queen V loses faith in him, and Frank sets out to prove he’s been set up. In doing so, he discovers Nolan’s involvement. Oops! Emily calls out Creepy Tyler, who later on TOTALLY ROOFIES Daniel (and maybe has been TOTALLY ROOFIE-ING HIM for years?). Declan admits to Charlotte that he’s po’, and she’s all “no bigs”, and then they make out on his boat. Jack professes his love to Emily, who turns him down because loving him is not part of her EVIL PLAN.

Emily’s Target
The RED SHARPIE OF DOOM takes another well-deserved week off, as Emily has to deal with the fallout of other peoples’ (much less well planned) shenanigans. Personally, I’m counting the days until Tyler gets Sharpie’d because that kid is EVIL (and not in a good way). 

Gala of the Week
The Graysons’ 4th of July party. Of note: Ashley finally starts worrying about her party planning career, because I guess she finally noticed that every party she plans winds up with someone’s reputation in shambles and/or dead. But the party goes off pretty well (for everyone except Emily and Jack, sigh.)

Best Dressed 
Everybody looked great in red, white and blue at the 4th of July party, but only Nolan pulled out DOUBLE POPPED COLLARS. I wonder if the number of popped collars relates to his mental state – the more freaked out he is, the more collars get popped.

Most Soapy Moment
Jack confesses his love to Emily. She keeps her composure as she turns him down, but then totally cries after he leaves. Waaaaaaaah!


Check back Friday for Anthony’s take on this week’s soaptastic amazingness.